Why Bangkok is the best choice for the new age female travelers of 2016? 


Ladies, I have some news for you.
Are you still stuck with the age-old notion that Bangkok is a male-dominated travel territory? Or are you wondering what you can do in that city other than just shop endlessly?
Stop that long trail of thought and pack your bags.

I'm back from a trip to Central Thailand and I'm share my newly-acquired travel wisdom. In the past I've shared destinations women travellers can tick off their list, analysed often on safety parameters solely. Moving a step ahead this time, I'll share with you travel experiences in Bangkok that are...


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1. Bangkok will pamper you, just a little too much

Loosen up, girls. The thousands of massage parlours in every corner of Bangkok are surely your first go to place in this city. The brilliant Thai masseuses will help you unwind, uncoil, twist and turn and crush that stress you literally carry on your shoulders everyday. What's travel all about if not for insanely relaxing experiences like these?

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2. The City's Hidden Art Studio

If you're that curious artist in a new city who loves to create and is interested in art in any form, I've found a corner you'd fall in love with. Charm-Learn Studio is one of Bangkok's most engaging art studios that works in ceramic arts, photography and fabric dying. Get your hands dirty – the experts are here to teach and work with you at this arts hub.

Address: 95 Phraeng Sanphasat Rd, San Chao Pho Sua, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Image Credits: Charm Learn Studio

Photo of Charm-Learn Studio / SA-TI Handcraftcoffee Phraeng Sanphasat Road Bangkok Thailand by Disha Kapkoti

3. Play With Colors At The Paint Bar

Here's another interesting addition to this insider's guide to Bangkok. Visit the Paint Bar to spend a relaxed afternoon inside an art space in the heart of the city. Make your reservations and get ready to spend a quality afternoon trying your hand at painting and experimenting with colours while you sip cold beer on a relaxing afternoon. They say, "We don’t paint without sipping and we don’t sip without painting." You get the cue.

Address: 6th floor – Piman 49, 46/4 Sukhumvit soi 49 Klhong Tan Watthana

Image Credits: Paint Bar

Photo of Paint Bar Bangkok Bangkok Thailand by Disha Kapkoti

4. Cook With Poo and Friends

The love for Thai food seems universal and yes, they have something on the plate for everyone. While touring this city, do not restrict your Thai culinary experiences to mere restaurants. Head to the streets and find a centre for authentic Thai cooking. My recommendation from the long list of thai cooking classes is Cooking with Poo and friends, a cooking school in the Klong Toey slum, run by the world renowned Khun Poo.

Image Credits: Cooking With Poo And Friends

Photo of Khlong Toei Bangkok Thailand by Disha Kapkoti

5. Don't Miss the Muay Thai Night at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Your city tour is incomplete without a visit to the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, an indoor sporting arena where Muay Thai matches are held every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The contests usually take place during the evenings, so after a long day of exploring the city, sit back, relax and watch the action live in the northern suburbs of the city.

Photo of Lumpinee Boxing Staduim (NEW) Anusawari Bangkok Thailand by Disha Kapkoti

6. Experiment With Thai Silk At The Loom

If you're on a hunt for souvenirs from this city, how about making special something of your own. While the world is slowly falling in love with Thai fabrics, at The Loom in Bangkok, you get a chance to weave your own silk scarf, handbag or other souvenirs for your friends.

Address: 3F Gateway Ekamai Shopping Mall (BTS Ekamai Station, Exit 4)

Image Credits: The Loom

Photo of The LOOM Sukhumvit Road Bangkok Thailand by Disha Kapkoti

7. Experience The Art in Paradise

Let's be honest here. Most of us lack the maturity needed to visit a museum. They bore me to death, but the Art In Paradise museum is unlike anything we've ever seen elsewhere. With endless photo opportunities, this place is truly a paradise for travellers ready to get a moment of laughter and astonishment.

Address: Din Daeng Bangkok, Thailand

Image Credits: Art in paradise

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8. And of course, you can cycle in Bangkok!

In all probability, cycling in this busy city must not be on your checklist for Bangkok, but this would be a fantastic plan to explore the hidden corners of the city. Thailand Biking organises excellent cycling tours – 1 to 5 hours long excursions – around the city that take you through spots like the floating market, the Thai temples, small incense stick factories and many exciting new locations.

Photo of Why Bangkok is the best choice for the new age female travelers of 2016? by Disha Kapkoti

Have you experienced the amazing Thailand differently?

Share your own travel experiences in the comments section below. Tell us about the new and offbeat places ready to be explored.

Read my 6-day long itinerary to Central Thailand and add the best spots to your bucket list.

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