A small heaven

28th Sep 2015
Photo of A small heaven 1/2 by prachigautam95
Photo of A small heaven 2/2 by prachigautam95
Fun with friends...

It was the time of exams when exhaustion was on its heights in hostel. Technical subjects had almost suck our strength. Its was the last exam when our group planned to explore Chakrata. Chakrata is a place situated at an elevation of 2270 meters above the sea level in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand.We were really irked due to exams and wanted to relax. It is a secluded hill station with peaceful environment. We were a group of 9 girls so we were very excited for all girls trip.
Finally the exams were over and the next day we boarded the bus from Delhi at 10 P.M. We reached Dehradun around 7 A.M. Then we took another bus from Dehradun to Chakrata.It took around 4 hours to reach there . It was a terrific journey from Dehradun to chakarata as the bus driver was so confident on his driving that he drove that bus on the edge of road . At each point we were terrified that the bus can fall from mountain, but finally we reached safely. That was the uff moment for all of us. Our level of excitement reached heights. After that we had a tough task of finding hotels. And it was too great to know that the hotels were very inexpensive. We got 3 rooms in justRs.1200.
Tiger falls is the best place to explore in Chakrata.It is a great waterfall with water falling down the hill. The view was admirable. It filled our hearts with peace and joy. We sang songs and danced on our own beats. We clicked lots of photos too. We enjoyed each and every moment. We hired a taxi to get back to our hotels. While returning from Tiger falls we could see the lovely moon.It was picturesque. We felt as if moon is very near to us. It was big, red in colour and large as lunar eclipse occurred on that day.Butunluckily we had to leave.

The next day we decided to trek. It was a 3 km trek. We put on our sports shoes and went ahead. It was fun. We could experience the beauty of nature. We went on the hill top after 3 km, sat there for some time and then returned . The mountain and surrounding were so silent that we could even hear the voice of children singing my national anthem. I got goose bumbs on my whole body after seeing this miraculous nature. While returning back we took a jeep as everyone was too tired. Jeep was full so we had to sit on the top of it. And we felt cool breeze passing within us filling us with all new energy.

Finally it was a day to pack our bags and leave beautiful Chakrata and get into our regular lives. Chakrata is definitely a small heaven on earth