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7th Nov 2016
Photo of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Parampara Patil Hashmi

Have you ever watched JAWS, yes the movie? Or simply been afraid of the sharks? Or any other aquatic creatures? Because this time, I'm going to bring you face-to-face with your fears!

I'm referring to my experience at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

I always thought that keeping sharks available for close public encounters is ambitious enough to not be possible, and then I was walking through this tunnel with dozens of species and variants of SHARKS (you read that right) moving all around me, "Oh! Thank the glass walls for being between us!"

Then I also went for a glass boat ride with hundreds of sharks and hammerheads swimming beneath our boat, some conveniently racing ahead! I sure got my photo opps, but was this even for real? I mean it was like being in the middle of the ocean, humans outnumbered by aquatic creatures.

And that exactly is what it is like to be at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, set in the Dubai Mall. This attraction has a well-structured pattern of functioning with over 33000 aquatic creatures in the premises. Sharks, crocodiles, penguins, jellyfish, frogs, name it and they're present!

Now if you have watched and loved the vibrant fishes and other sea creatures in

Finding Nemo/Dory, then the Underwater Zoo is a real heaven! There are beautiful fishes, otters, frogs, jellyfish and all that you could imagine down there in the ocean!

Opposed to the 45minutes that I was told I'd need to explore this place, I spent at least 2hrs and 45minutes doing the same. It truly felt like being in an ocean!

My favorite part was spotting a tiny sea horse!

And of course, the SHARKS

Sharks are a major attraction at the @DubaiAquarium with many imported species from around the world! #AwaraExperiences

- Awara Diaries (@awaradiaries) November 4, 2016

For those of you who'd enjoy exploring the aquatic life, the Dubai Aquarium is an absolute must. The sharks and the boat rides would be enticing for the kids, and then there's a list of adventure experiences like cage diving, shark encounters, feeding the aquatic animals that give many of you an adrenaline rush!

You can choose between a list of packages to experience the offering well. We opted for the VIP Line Buster package to save time and make the most of the experience! It let us explore the-

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo
  3. Back of house tour
  4. Underwater Observatory
  5. Submersible Simulator
  6. Glass Bottom Boat

Leaving us exhilarated about the complete experience!

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo had an exciting vibe to it with the variety of aquatic life being showcased.


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Timings: 10:00 AM- 01:00 AM

Ticket Prices: 100 AED onwards


  1. Book your session/ buy your tickets online (offline tickets are available, but advance bookings are preferred)
  2. Get your cameras ready
  3. Start exploring phases by phase


    Book your sessions in advance- especially if you're planning to opt for one of those adventure experiences like cage diving, shark encounters, etc.

Great For:

  • Seeing the SHARKS
  • Buying souvenirs
  • Indoor experiences in Dubai
  • See over 33000 aquatic creatures
  • Photo opps!
  • Indoor scuba diving

For bookings/ details, visit:

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Photo of Mall of the Emirates - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Parampara Patil Hashmi