Dublin Travel Guide - A Historical Irish City


If you are a travel enthusiast, Europe is a must-see place. To start your tour you can go to Ireland, which is located in the continent of Europe and covers around 68K square kilometers of land. Once you reach there start with the famous city Dublin which is known for its charming streets, live music, historical architecture, and the colorful doorways. Who doesn't want to enjoy such great things?

Dublin is one of the smallest capital cities of Europe, but it attracts a lot of tourists. If you will be there, you can have several unique and secret spots to discover. Here's what to do in Dublin?

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Start your day with an Irish Breakfast

It can be a bit different from others, as usually we take breakfast with some edible things, but here in Dublin you can start your day with a drink. It's a famous drink by a 100-year-old Gladys Fielden that she is doing for the past 70 years.

If you still want to go with some eatables in your breakfast, you can go for the cooked meat, eggs, potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes fried in butter with brown bread. This kind of breakfast is going to give you energy for a full day travel, walk and enjoy your day in Dublin.

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Visit Christ Church Cathedral

Just after breakfast, you can start your visit from Christ Church Cathedral and take some moment to know how old Dublin looked like back in 1030. This church is Dublin's top visited places due to its stunning architecture that was made around 1000 years ago. You can listen to its bells sound in the city's medieval center.

If you want to know more about church history, guided tours can help you to explore the place more...

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Listen To Buskers in Dublin Streets

The music lovers can go to the Grafton Street of Dublin, where you can enjoy the traditional Irish music, rock and pop music. This free entertainment can add a perfect touch on your Irish trip. There are many artists who sang there, has become a star and was called in a famous Hollywood by Ellen DeGeneres, so don't forget to take a selfie with them.

Also, the renovation of Dublin starts is done greatly as you might fall in love with the place with its paving and Driveways Dublin, if you want to get them at your place you can ask for some expert paving contractor Dublin to get some idea.

Along with a great infrastructure, Dublin city has some perfect views by nature. For some natural views, the coastal town of Howth is a must-see place. While enjoying some nature views of Dublin you can have your lunch with some seafood of perfect coastal hikes and souvenir with unimaginable views of Irish sea side. If the day will be clear you can enjoy the panorama view of Howth Harbor and Dublin Bay. However, Howth Cliff walk is great for all fitness levels but can be dangerous during rough weather conditions.

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If you want to take a city tour of any place the bus tour is best to take some time for this. The DoDublin Bus guide can be truly worth your money to spend a day in this city. They will take you several historical and cultural places of this city. So, don't forget to grab this opportunity.

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