Goa - Paradise to beach and peace lovers


First thing that come to mind after hearing 'GOA' is nightlife, music, party, drinks etc etc etc... but not for us as we are travelling with my 1.5 year old son (Advait) and wanted a vacation according to him, make him play and enjoy.

Palolem is our favourite location in Goa. This place has its own charm which is unmatched in any other part of Goa. It is a masterpiece of mother nature. A long, serene, picturesque, not so deep beach side to allow one enjoy waves and very nice people around.

We stayed in a beach hut on Palolem and our usual start of a day is with a morning stroll on the sea where Advait will indulge in early morning sand games, play with dogs on beach and breakfast at any of the beach restaurants. All the beach restaurants serve mostly all sort in international food including English, continental, Israeli, hence its not difficult to find good here for non-veg lovers. But we being strictly vegetarians things were a bit tricky but not very tough. We tried enjoyed veg options of all the regions and they were really good. It was good to see Advait enjoying all different kind of food flavours along with juices, shakes and smoothies are truly great.

Afternoon at Palolem were for sea. Heat during the noon forces any one to spend some time in sea. Advait enjoyed that most till he tasted the salty tea water after that he would be more happy playing in wet sand and soaking his feet only. that was a boon to me as I have to manager less wet clothes ;-).

Evenings are gala at Palolem, all beach huts lay there table just in the sea shore with candle light on each table, nice music being played in background and merry people around.

On one day during our stay at Palolem we rented a bike and visited nearby beaches to Palolem nothing too exciting of this trip. Also, we did a half day trip to spice plantation, good tour to know some about various spices and some cheats shhhhhhhh .

This laid back vacation was much needed to give undivided time to ourselves and with Advait, get dirty with sand, water, and just relax.

Superb Goa... you never disappoint me.. :-)