A Romantic Getaway To Greece


The beaches in Greece are chart-toppers for unique romantic holidays to suit every kind of couple. Here’s your to-do list.

By Divya Behl and Vikas Plakkot

Santorini For The Staycation Duo

For those who like spending quality time in a gorgeous suite with jaw-dropping views, warm Jacuzzi, and infinity pools.

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Photo of Santorini, Thira, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Wind down at the luxury boutique hotel that has three infi nity pools looking out to the Aegean Sea, a splendid view of the world’s most stunning sunset, cave-like suites, and a plush A.Spa off ering couple treatments.

A short walk from the picturesque village of Oia, premium suites here come with a private pool, a patio with view of the entire island, a private jacuzzi, complimentary champagne; a unique recipe to ignite your romance perivolas.

Milos For The Beach Bums

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Photo of Perivolas Hotel, Thera, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Couples that are most likely to nap on a beach bed and get a permanent tan.

A beach known for its pumice rock formations, yoghurt-like landscape, and turquoise waters. Spread your towels, sit by the shore, and gaze at the distant islands with a cocktail in hand.

A complete contrast to Sarakiniko, this beach is awash with coloured pebbles of all types, sulphur-smelling water, and jagged rocks. Snorkelling here has some gorgeous rewards.

A tiny secluded beach formed in an opening between two large cliffs; chances are you’ll have it all to yourselves. Swim together into one of its many hidden little caves and find a romantic spot.

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Photo of Papafragas, Milos, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Lefkada For The Daredevil

The tiny isle of Lefkada has numerous adventure sports for couples that indulge in activities that trigger an adrenaline rush.


The southern bay of Vassiliki is the centre of all windsurfi ngactivities. Perfect wind conditions, a beautiful seascape, and excellent infrastructure make it one of the top places in the world to wind-surf. Club Vassiliki is your best bet.


Take to the skies with Lefkada Paragliding. As your parachute hangs above the stunning beaches of the island, holler out to your partner who’s gliding right beside.


Whether you are advanced divers or beginners, the crystal clear waters of Lefkada are an ideal window into underwater life. Book a session with Nautilus Diving Club and come face-to-face with fascinating marine creatures.

Credit: Charles Stirling

Photo of Lefkada Beach, Ligia, Lefkada, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia


From Lefkada, embark on a short daytrip by boat to the nearby island of Ithaca where ‘Odysseus’ returned after his adventure in the sea. Yours might not be half as adventurous, but the island is one magical escape.

Crete For The Foodies

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Photo of Ithaca, Ithaki, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Does your date night essentially feature a culinary experience? Crete in southern Greece is a gourmand’s dream.

Cretan cuisine carries Mediterranean, African, and French notes in addition to its native flavours. Old Mill at Elounda Mare Hotel captures its essence well in their sautéed crayfi sh and marinated sea bass.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this Michelin-star restaurant in Elounda Peninsula Hotel has its own label wine and offers speciality French cuisine affront a stunning vista.

This traditional fi sh ‘tavern’ is located right up on the beachfront with waves crashing under your feet. Absorb the sea air, dig into their fisherman’s salad and a grilled catch of the day as you watch the sunset.

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Photo of Thalassino Ageri, Vivilaki, Chania, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Quick Facts

The main ingredients of the Cretan cuisine are olive oil, thyme, honey, sage, and wine—all produced locally in abundance, making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Koufonissia For The Introverts

You could have a quiet, idyllic island like Koufonissia all to yourselves. Here, you’re likely to find more boats than people and be alone in almost any corner.

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Photo of Koufonissia, Naxos, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

On the southern rim of the Ano Koufonissi Island lies the pretty white sandy beach of Pori. Take a long stroll around the beach and wind down at the solitary beach bar with beer and snacks. At sunset, sit down by the shore and to the humming of night bugs.

Not many islands in the world can boast a natural swimming pool enticing even the most novice of swimmers. Pisina is where the two of you can snooze, as if it were your private plunge pool, while enjoying stunning views of the rocky island and the surrounding sea.

T+L PICK Koufonissia has a lone windmill that has been on the island since the 1830s. In the last decade, the windmill has been converted into a villa that can be booked for a unique, romantic stay experience. The sunsets you’ll witness from its patio will stay long in memory.

Credit: Jan Fritz

Photo of Koufonisia, Naxos, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Mykonos For The Party Animals

The popular Greek island is known for its music and nightlife, seductive cocktails, and tropical parties that help bring on your A-game.

Head to Paradise Beach in the morning to enjoy the picturesque view and to sunbathe. As the sun sets, put on your party dress and head to Tropicana Beach Bar that gets crazier into with night.

One of the most famous clubs in Europe, this venue hosts some of the best DJs across the world. It has a house pool and an exclusive VIP area, and the club only runs between May and September.

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Photo of PARADISE CLUB, Agia Pelagia, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia


Contrary to its mellow twin, Lesvos (called the Lesbian island of Greece), Mykonos beaches proudly seat some of the top gay bars in the country. Liberal and welcoming, the Mykonos party scene is a must-see for all travelers.

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Photo of Lesbos, Lesbos Prefecture, Greece by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia