You haven't experienced Shady until you've experienced Oyo, Gurgaon.

7th Jun 2019
Day 1

Gurgaon could be Worst place to stay in an Oyo. I think it was some Lion's Den hotel of Oyo and it couldn't have been any worse! And mind you, it was the 2nd Oyo Hotel in Gurgaon which was this bad.

Broken doors literally. And 2 rooms had common balcony. If you were shut out of one room, you had to jump balcony of 2nd room and open it from inside. The key wasn't working. Then the bathroom door was broken. You actually had to sing a song from your potty or hold the door tightly so that you are safe!! The taps were leaking in the bathroom and the cutlery were stained. And the best part, when I ordered a tea in the room service, the waiter asked me to come and fetch it from the kitchen.

That was the end of it! Even though I couldn't do much about it, this is infact the best place where I can rant about it. So Guys, STAY AWAY from OYO atleast in Gurgaon. And that's my rant for today. Good Luck.

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