Behind the scenes of taking the road less travelled

11th Aug 2016
Day 1

It was around 8th august and i was going crazy as the long weekend of 15th august was approaching nearby so i called up my friend and asked him to make a travel plan and we agreed on searching a place where we will be going so i searched treks near shimla there were many links that turned up but there was one which got my eye because it said if you are looking for a place away from city with peace and yes the name of the place is "Chadwick falls".Now finally it came down to 11th august and i was travelling to patiala (hometown) from gurgaon and i reached patiala around 9:30 pm and straight away went to my friend's place asked him a direct yes or no and we agreed to go on 13th and returning on 14th aug .All was set and i still had the tuffest part infront of me of convincing my mother so i started by saying should i go to shimla and as expected she said are you mad the weather is like this and all that but finally she agreed.Thanks to my convincing skills.Now i asked one of my friends that will he be joining us he said a yes but he would be able to go only on 12th so i called upthe other friend with whom the plan was initially was made.He said even tomorow is out of question for me.

Day 2

I took the bus to chandigarh at 5:30 PM to chandigarh and reached the chandigarh are around 7:30 Pm and i got a call from my friend that car has broken down so don't go to the bus stand and come to this specific place.Finally we met and we managed to get the car repaired till 9:30 pm and we had dinner and then we left for shimla.As soon as we entered the hilly areas i could breathe so much of fresh air and we had tea at one of the dhabas. Tea in mountains has always got a special taste and this tea was also with great taste.We reached shimla around 2:30 AM.Now we searched for a hotel but that didn't work out because we needed the parking and yes budget was also one of the constraint and we saw some agents there and we made one of them to sit with us in the car and we had to go to 5 -6 hotels before some hotel finally had a room available with parking near mall road and that to a little bit over our budget but we finally made a decision to stay in that hotel as it was already very late and in the meanwhile when we were searching fora hotel.I was asking each and everyone about chadwick falls and it was really strange for me that none from the hotel staff knew about it and we finally had some rest.

Day 3

We woke up to a beautiful morning and to a beautiful view infront of our eyes.Now the day began and we went to the mall road and we had the chance to witness the rehearsals of parade it was awesome view when patriotism was added to the natural beauty of the mountains.I still had Chadwick falls on my mind as that was the destination for this trip and i was asking people but it was no help and then finally i saw the Himachal tourism board and i went inside that office and finally we figured out the way to chadwick falls.we reached by our car from where we were going to walk till chadwick falls.There was a shop Where we had tea and Maggi and i asked the shopkeeper that is it fine to go by wearing slippers then to which he said it is completely fine.Finally we started walking towards Chadwick falls and yes the view was awesome.As we were walking there was a noise of waterfall that we kept on following.Now it was around 35 minutes that we had walked and it started raining like anything we had to stop and there was one kind of a hut and there was one person we asked him the way to chadwick falls he said you are on the wrong route so me and friend sat under some shed for sometime as it was raining and that peace time in lush green forests away from the real life disturbances. what else you can ask for.I started doing yoga as i always do specially when i am in such kind of places.We took our way back and we saw some way but which was really difficult.We were in a dilemma that is it the route but we tried that route that route was really difficult we couldn't even do it as i was wearing slippers so we decided to go back from that route so we were just moving without even the hint that we were on right track or not. and my friend saw one more way and we tried follow that. and as we were moving forward i felt a someone just bit me on my legs and yes when i saw down there was some blood and there was something all on my foots and moving on legs. I immediately decided to go back and i was running and tried to throw that thing which was on my legs. sometimes i was successful and sometimes not as it was going into the spaces between my fingers and my friend was also not left alone he to had them over his we were moving back i saw one board which said chadwick falls this way.I wished throw that sticky thing from my body and it took around 20 minutes to reach back to shop from it actually started.The shopkeeper said that there is nothing to be afraid for these are leeches only.they just have your blood and move away.I had a sigh of relief after hearing that.We sat for sometime and kept on removing from our body and there were people coming who wanted to visit chadwick falls.I just showed them my foots and everyone ditched their plans.Finally we removed all the leeches from our body and we washed our bodies and we decided to move back to our hometown as we had time constraint.It was really sad that we couldn't reach our destination but at the same time i had a lot to take with me from that place.

And yes i will visiting chadwick falls very soon and will surely make it a successful trip :) .