Best Road Trips I Have Taken Around the World

Photo of Best Road Trips I Have Taken Around the World by Pratik Goel

I discovered my passion of driving at an early age, and since then I have been very fond of going on road trips. The feeling of exploring a place in car, makes me feel very alive as I am free to explore all the nooks & corners as per my turns. When I'm behind the wheel I feel ecstatic, I feel Liberated.

Over the last decade, I have driven more than 2,00,000 kms in around 10 countries. Driving in different countries offers such varied and contrasting experiences that trying to choose my favourite drive experience was amongst the most difficult things to do.

1. Iceland Ring Road Trip - Glaciers, Waterfalls & Volcanoes

I did this road trip with my mother in 2016. Back then Iceland was not that flooded with tourists and sometimes I had the entire stretch of 100-200 kms to Myself. It was a surreal feeling, like exploring another planet. We saw the biggest waterfalls, melting glaciers, naturally erupting Geysers and Volcanoes spewing Ash. My Mother had the best time of her gauging over those landscapes and still raves about the trip in all our family dinners.

Photo of Iceland by Pratik Goel

2. South Africa Garden Route - Vineyards, Wildlife & Adventure Sports

I went to South Africa with my wife in 2018, we especially chose South Africa because she loves Animals, to an extent that she wishes to open a sanctuary for them. So we started in Cape Town, and it blew us away. The Cape Peninsula Drive was so Panoramic and had plenty of unique experiences. We then followed the Garden Route where we explored Wineries, Game lodges and did all the possible adventure sports on the way which includes Shark Cage Diving, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Riding an Ostrich, Caving and eating so many wild animals served in most beautiful settings.

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Photo of South Africa by Pratik Goel

3. Australia - Beaches, Vibrant Cities & Diving

Australia is a very nature driven country, they focus a lot on preserving Forests, marine reefs and everything that comes along. We started in Sydney and then drove to Gold Coast and explored around the Queesnland and Finally dropped of the Car in Brisbane. I then went on to Explore Cairns and Melbourne by flights. The Most beautiful part of drive was to go to rainforests around Gold Coast and then go on hikes wherever you wish to. Gold Coast was so much fun with all its beaches, theme parks and party atmosphere.

Photo of Australia by Pratik Goel

4. Scotland - Green Valleys, Whiskey and Culture

Let me start by saying I am a big time Single Malt Lover, so I went to Scotland primarily to visit these golden vaults of Single Malt Whisky. And I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful Glens(Green Valleys) I saw, and the Scottish Culture I witnessed from Bagpipes to Cashmere and their cuisine was so much better than counterpart England. I visited Glenkichie, Glenmorangie and Dufftown Distilleries as part of my trip and fell in love with the town of Edinburgh. Also, I got introduced to Gin and Golf Culture of Scotland.

Photo of Scotland, UK by Pratik Goel

5. Ladakh, India - Rugged & Barren Landscapes

Perhaps the most wishlisted trip for all the Bikers and Road Trip enthusiasts in India. It definitely lives up to its hype, what you witness is never seen before Rugged and Barren Landscapes with clear skies and warm Ladakhi Hospitality. Since its a tough terrain to survive, you need to stock up well and in case you feel short, local people are always willing to go out of the way to help. The most preferred route would be from Delhi to Manali to Leh to Pangong to Leh to Sri Nagar. My Favourite Experience was sleeping in Nubra Valley Camp to sky full of stars and waking up to walk to a small school where I saw cute ladakhi kids geared up for a fun day at school.

Photo of Ladakh by Pratik Goel

6. France South Coast - French Riviera, Beaches & Food

This was a family road trip in summer 2016. We started in Lyon, popular as Gastronomical Food Capital, and then we moved to the southern coast and explore the cities of Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco. The cities were very lively and the road were full of turns. The highlight of the trip was definitely the food and people watching. France is way more than Paris and its wine, give it a shot.

Photo of France by Pratik Goel

7. Switzerland - Lakes, Alps & Chocolate

We all have fascination of visiting Switzerland, thanks to Bollywood especially Yash Chopra films. So I decided to explore Switzerland by road contrary to its more popular train journeys. We drove around Zurich, Geneva, Interlaken, Bern, Laturbrunnen, Lausanne and went on as many mountain excursions as possible. The Roads in Switzerland are not that broad, so the mountains and lakes seems to be really close even while driving through. The only downside was the country is ridiculously expensive and I strongly believe Kashmir in India is way more beautiful than Switzerland. The high of the trip was listening to all popular bollywood songs shot here and feeling like stars.

Photo of Switzerland by Pratik Goel

8. Italy - Fashion, Wines & Mountains

I planned this trip because of my sister who is a designer, so we started the road trip in Genoa, explored the colorful towns of Cinque terre and then went on to Milan where she went to loads of factories and designer stores. And then we drove around Lake Como and ended the trip in Milan. The highlight of the trip was when we went offroute and drove in little villages of Italy while driving back to Milan, it was thrilling as we were the only ones going on that route and it went from one mountain pass to another and so on.

Photo of Italy by Pratik Goel

9. Kerala, India - Backwaters, Tea Gardens & Dutch Architecture

This was the bachelor's trip of my best friend where we drove around 1000 kms in Kerala for 7 Days. We started in Old Dutch Town of Kochi and then went on to tea gardens of Munnar, Backwaters Of Alleppey, Spice Plantations of Thekkady and Beaches of Varkala and Kovalam. Its unusual to go on a road trip for bachelors where you are supposed to party endlessly and drink your nights out. While we spent our nights driving and sharing nostalgic memories and debating on all the possible topics.

Photo of Kerala, India by Pratik Goel

10. USA - Ford Mustang, Beaches & NASA

This was the shortest car rental I made, as it was a dream to drive Ford Mustang in USA where its most affordable. The trip happened with my wife, and the purpose was to enjoy the car more than sights. However we went to NASA and saw some really cool rockets, stopped over at some of the prettiest beaches and did a complete round trip to Key West from Orlando. It Turned out that the sights were as beautiful as the car.

Photo of Florida, USA by Pratik Goel

Road trips are way more than driving experiences for me, they weave stories for me from the fights over music to debates over life from The aspiration to rent my favourite car in a remote part of the world, to driving in most exotic countries. From The sights we behold to the conversations that turned into ever lasting friendships. It all sums up as the most beautiful chapters of my life.

Please let me know about your favourite road trips in comments section and I will be happy to answer all your questions regarding concerning my road trips.

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