Tree Chronicles - Few of the many that fascinated me.


"Sun in the sky, cool kiss of the breeze on my cheeks,

This crisp green shade, reminding me of my nonchalant infancy".

Clicked somewhere in Bengaluru. Adding color to daily mundane life.Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Manu

My love for travel has more to do with my pull toward mother nature. Be it a lush green valley or dry terrain, I tend to search for a pinch of life. What most fascinates me is the how mother nature converts a parched canvas into something beautiful.

I love to click trees/plants/flowers that tend to stand out ( more like odd one out). So here is a collection of few and many more to come.

Vitthala Temple Tree Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Vitthala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Manu

Location -Vitthala Temple , Hampi. This tree stands out against the golden rich ruins of Hampi. It is probably the most clicked object after chariot selfies by the tourists. This tree as per our guide is more than 150 years old. The odd presences of this spider haired tree adds mystical beauty to the dry boulder canvas. The tree seems entwined in it own. Though it offers little shade, its god like presence soothes your eyes.

P.S.- It kind of reminded me of Whomping Willow.

Kolukkimalai Teas Estate ,Munnar Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Kottagudi, Tamil Nadu, India by Manu

Location-Munnar. It is a long journey to this place (factory in the background). And the journey is not so easy as the roads are rough. The way these couple of trees over look the estate against the perfect blue background. It is uphill and then downhill journey to this vast tea estate. Try and make the most of the mother nature here.

Auroville, Pondicherry Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India by Manu

Location- Auroville Pondicherry. This is at the boarding point toward MantriMandir. It is high and mighty. As you can see the roots have formed the branches and expanded like anything.

Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Morjim, Goa, India by Manu

Location- On the way to wanderer hostel, Morjim. This is my favourite spot in Goa. On the way from Wanderers Hostel in Morjim toward the city this location is little hidden from the normal road. A perfect spot for great group photo.

Giant spider like tree- Avalabetta Peak Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Avalabetta Hilltop, Avalabetta Road, Yerramaranahalli, Karnataka, India by Manu

Location is Avalabetta Hill top.

The main site is unavailable to the public for safety reasons. I had planned a great new year start for the year with my friends by an early morning trek to the hill-top. Though the main tourist spot is closed you can still enjoy the early morning ride to this place. You can have freshly and hot south delicacies at the very gates of this places. The place is well maintained and the trek/walk is not so tiring. Word of caution- beware of the monkeys near the temple.

Reminds me of Einstein Photo credit manu nagarkoti

Photo of Qutub Minar, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Manu

The forlorn presence of this tree made me sad and poetic. It's entwined yet scattered dry branches stood out in already deserted monumental place. A great tree to picture in short.

I will keeping on adding this article as and when I will counter something unique and beautiful.