Night sky of Nubra, Ladakh

Day 1

An incomplete panoroma taken while being scared of a ghost..!
It was another usual summer night in Hunder village in Ladakh.. six of us were staying in a tent there, when the night approached, we got out of the campus and wandered just a bit outside the parking lot where it was pretty much dark and saved from unwanted artificial lighting.. we were excited like small kids since except me everyone else was seeing the milkyway galaxy in naked eye for the first time and glimpse of the shooting stars..the whole arch of the milkyway including its bright core was visible and it really looked like a luminous path went over our heads starting from mountains in I set up my camera and tripod. Then for a few moments I headed back towards the tent with a friend just to get a dryer as one of our phone got soaked in water accidentally. When I came back within a few moments, I sensed that excited environment was not there anymore, something did happen.. they sounded pretty much scared when I asked them what happened here? Suddenly all of them insisted getting back inside, I just couldn't understand what exactly happened, then what they said was hilarious.. they said as I left, within a few moments, something flew over and dropped infront of them and since it was a quiet night and nobody else was there nearby to make a sound like that, they started searching what happened.. they found my camera lenscap pretty much away from the tripod, where it was not supposed to be and definitely it was not there earlier as the dropping sound happened just now.. so they started looking for who threw the lenscap out of nowhere, there was a vacant cabin nearby the parking lot, they discovered someone inside a blanket was sleeping there out in cold in a room like that with no doors or windows.. according to them it was not a human, because when I came back, they asked me to look inside the room, but there was nobody.. atleast that's what I saw.. hence they came to the conclusion it was definitely the ghost who got irritated by our presence and threw the lenscap to them.. after hearing their story even if I was laughing at them, because of that surrounding environment even I didn't dare to stay alone outside, hence I had to stop in the midway and half of the arch was captured.. 😅
P.s. next morning we went back to the cabin again and looked for if someone was really sleeping here last night or not, we found a rugged old blanket and a few old floor mats, in that cold of night that is not enough to get a decent sleep of warmth.. so we assumed there was nobody last night, it was just the old dusty torn blankets  probably nobody touched in a decade.. so the question is, who threw the lenscap??
August,2021; ladakh.

A summer night in nubra valley, hunder, August' 21

Photo of Night sky of Nubra, Ladakh by Swagata Dutta

It's a small village situated in nubra valley of ladakh.. famous for its scenic beauty and greeneries inside the cold desert.. u can visit the nubra sand dunes only a couple of km away from the village. We stayed here for a night in the Apple cottage. The night came with the wonderful view of billions of stars and our home galaxy, milkyway. Have a day spend here, the sunset at nubra and the night sky view all are worth it..!!