An Unexplored Destination - Purdal

Photo of An Unexplored Destination - Purdal 1/2 by Prajwal Kashyap
Photo of An Unexplored Destination - Purdal 2/2 by Prajwal Kashyap

Location of Purdal :

Purdal is a small village near Shimoga district , Karnataka which is 9.6 KM from shimoga city . This village is situated on the bank of river tunga badra and on the way towards Sagara.

Description :

Purdal, a small village which is very rich in its natural beauty and very notable for its flora and fona. It is a calm place which hardly receives the tourists from places. Purdal has got a dam built over the subsidiary river Tunga Badra. The road leading to purdal with semi forest is treat to watch. There is a water reservoir to store the water from the nearby steep areas. It is a major water supplier for the village which is 8 KM from the Dam. Purdal temple, where the lord vinayaka is worshiped by whole of the village population is notable. This place has a very good scenic beauty and which is equally good for photography.

Purdal as a tourist destination:

·       It mainly attracts the adventure seekers who can take a nature walk to Purdal village from Shimoga and also Boating can be done .

·       It is a very good place for family outings because of its scenic beauty.

·       Old age people may visit the temples in purdal

·       It also attracts children for the sunset at the Dam.

·       It even attracts the bird watchers for the species of birds which are seen over there

·       Different species of Birds which are seen they are




·       Purdal attracts all the category of people to its place.


Nearby places which could be visited :

Ø Lion safari

Ø Sakkare bayalu Elephant camp

Ø Shivappa Nayaka Palace

Ø Shettyhalli wild life sanctuary

Ø Tunga badra Dam

Ø Mendagadde Bird sanctuary


How to get into:

·       Frequent Buses from all over the districts to Shimoga districts of Karnataka

·       Nearest Railway Station and Bus stand is  at Shimoga city.

·       Nearest airport is Mangalore International airport .

·       From shimoga there are no frequent buses to the village ,there are only four busses/day.

·       Taxi is available from Shimoga city.

·       It can be reached in two ways, one towards Sagara another from Anupinakatte road.

Demerits of the place:

·       No proper transportation facilities.

·       No securities from the Police Department.

·       No proper route map which shows direction as well as information.

·       No accommodation or food facilities etc.

If the place is improved further it will be a perfect destination for tourists in Karnataka