Lord Shiva, underground in Hampi

Photo of Lord Shiva, underground in Hampi by From Pepper to Salt

If I were to make a list of the most hypnotic places in my journey from Pepper to Salt, the underground Shiva temple would definitely secure a place in it. This place holds mythology entwined in history. Colloquially, also known as Prasanna Virupaksha temple , it is built many meters below in a way that its roof is at ground level, and you have to walk down a series of steps to the shrine. It is said that for most of the seasons the shrine is inaccessible owing to the water accumulated from Tungabhadra river canals, so you have to walk in around two feet deep water to reach the main Garbhagriha. I was lucky to see just a little damp version of shrine and no water. Inside the temple is a dense network of pillars with a rich piece of history engraved. The temple is exemplary to architectural brilliance of ancient India. History also suggests us while only the royal ceremonies took place in this temple, location of the temple is very close to noblemen's quarters in, almost a walk-able distance. Once you enter the shrine, you can feel the positive energy around. The temple is surrounded by lush green gardens and huge trees where visitors can rest mesmerizing its beauty.

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by From Pepper to Salt

The entry to the temple is free of cost, however the access closes at 6 PM so make no timing mistake to reach here in time. This temple is one of its kind and a must visit in a Hampi itinerary.

Photo of Lord Shiva, underground in Hampi by From Pepper to Salt

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