Property Review: Amanvana Resort and Spa, Karnataka



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You know the vacation is going to turn out right when the congested roads start giving way to endless plantations. As the highways begin to meander through the green canvas, you straighten your posture in the car-seat, looking expectantly out the window. When the glum concrete skyline dissolves into infinite greenery, you know you have entered the Kodagu or Coorg district of Karnataka. You are headed for Amanvana Resort and Spa, a place that promises luxuries that only blossom in the countryside.

Made for

Since Amanvana Resort and Spa is nestled away from the bustle of urban life, it appeals majorly to couples. It is up to them whether they decide to bring their families along or not; the property has something for every family member. Amanvana is also becoming a huge favourite among honeymooning couples.

About Amanvana

Each bungalow at Amanvana Resort and Spa has a private courtyard, which features a lotus pond and a reading nook. You can spend hours in the courtyard at night with the buzzing cicadas always giving you company. The interior has been designed to resonate only luxury and nothing else. The sky-lit bathrooms are so grand, guests usually take a glass of wine with them. Besides every basic facility one could think of, Amanvana has installed customised lighting in various spots inside the bungalow. Just look for the green dot, and don’t forget to press it.


One-night stay at the bungalow with breakfast starts at INR 11,214. If you want to add all the meals, the cost of the package becomes INR 13,066. Special honeymoon packages are also available. (Taxes have not been included.)


The Rainbow Room at Amanvana caters to a range of tastes. In the morning, one can choose from an American breakfast or a combination of North and South Indian snacks. Lunch and dinner are sumptuous buffets, with the menu picked from the Continental and Indian palettes. The bartenders can surprise you with unusual cocktails.

When to visit

The best time to visit this part of Karnataka is from October to March, although the temperature remains around 20 degrees (C) throughout the year. Since the temperature remains mildly cold during winters, this is the time when tourists can take part in sightseeing and other adventure activities.

How to get here

By air: Amanvana Resort is 160 kilometres away from Mangalore Airport.

By train: The nearest railway station is the Mysore Railway Station, 90 kilometres away.

By road: The resort is just 3 kilometres away from Kushalnagar town in Coorg district.

Things to do around Amanvana Resort and Spa

1. Amanvana is proud of its Spa centre. It offers numerous varieties of treatments, so that every guest gets what they came for. There is the Vinotherapy, the Five Nectar Bath and the Coorg Coffee Scrub. (This list is a lot longer, as you can see here.)

2. Head to the Coffee Hut overlooking the Kaveri river. Enjoy a cup of estate-brewed coffee and pick a book from their tiny library.

3. Experience the river trek, which will give you a chance to roll up your trousers as you explore the lush forest. Or choose the eight-island trek, if you want to get closer to nature.

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