Travel Smart and not Big!


Travel : The movement of people between distant geographical locations. It can either be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat , bus or aeroplane!

"It's Winters! Let's go to Kasol!"

Going Kasol sounds pretty exciting but How to visit Kasol from Delhi?

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Delhi - Kasol = 570 Kms

Now what travel experience you are longing for out of this 570 kms is where "choice " pops up. Would you like to travel by a comfortable Volvo bus by spending half the amount than what an aircraft would charge or you'd still prefer adding luxury chapters to your travel stories?

Trust me, you really can't determine the size of a person's bank account merely by their choices. Smart people or even dummies like me wouldn't trust the price tags of Zara for it to be the best one!

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No doubt, both of these will lead you to the "snow capsule" Kasol but would not leave you with the SAME moments that you would experience in your journey.

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Smart travelling may teach you patience as things don’t always go your way when you’re on the road, will teach you to be willing to adapt and not be too rigid as life can turn on a sixpence!

And here is luxury travelling that will surely teach you how to make some fancy memories which can help you add a few fancy posts on social media, Oops! "Facebook "but will surely not add friends to your Facebook Friend list!

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It is nice to shell out in a 5- star hotel with impeccable services but it is even nicer to be firm friends with the manager of The Hosteller where you stay!

It is nice to visit a destination but it is nicer to experience the destination.

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Travelling in style in tuk-tuk like a local will connect you more to the place like a locale than the Air Conditioned personal cars with its attractive comfortable services.

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On eating options, I tell you, expensive restaurants are not only painful to your wallet , they rarely have the best food. More than likely, most of the cost of the meal is in the decor or the clean table cloth, not the chef or the ingredients.

Dude, but FOOD is FOOD!

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The same food that tastes like what my great-great-great-great grandmother would have eaten. Simple, thoughtfully prepared and close to nature.

What is travelling if you haven't experienced the real texture of a place. If you haven't overstayed and yet been in budget!

When you get outside as much as you can, you travel in a human powered way with your eyes and ears open to everything that is around you, that is the moment you feel you are driven into the loveliness of the world, you feel your heart beating, you feel you are alive!