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A Taste of Kerala : A Road Bike Tour

9th Mar 2014
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Kerala Backwaters
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Alleppey Beach
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Bicycle your way through God's Own Route and lay in the lap of the backwaters and blue lagoons, surrounded by evergreen mountains and abundant wildlife, in an eternal enchanting Kerala safari. And all this while our road bike tours give you an experience like an insider to this paradise on earth.

Our well-guided road cycling tour offers you an eclectic mix of the typical regional cuisine, culture and heritage- all coming together amidst the beautiful landscape that Kerala offers. Our journey starts with the world famous classical dance-drama performance of Kathakali, with the music of the waves splashing the shores of Kochi beaches. And you bike your way through the spicy and aromatic tea plantations of Munnar. Then you're headed to Thekkady, traversing through the stunning Lockhart Gap, with even more amazing views of tea gardens and lakes, giving you company all along your bike ride. We then take a nature walk, followed by a boat safari in the Periyar National Park, ending this adventurous trip with a ride through spice and rubber plantations. Finally the trip comes to an end with an enchanting and unforgettable float across the famous backwaters of Kerala upon our very own teak and palm thatched private boat house, followed by a night at a century old house, giving you the perfect touch of Kerala culture and heritage.

What's Included in your Taste of Kerala Bike Tour:

  • Beautiful properties
  • Scott hybrid bicycle
  • All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (except 1 dinner)
  • Expert Trip Leaders who look after your every need
  • A Van support that follows throughout the trip and carries all belongings
  • Entrance fees to historic sites, museums, temples and all other exclusive events
  • All transportation from rendezvous to final drop-off
  • Complimentary pre and post travel planning

Available dates for 'A Taste of Kerala' bike tour are:

  • 19th to 30th January 2014
  • 26th February to 6th March 2014

So book this trip now to experience the culture of God's Own Country!

Day 1: You'll meet your trip leader at Cochin Airport, followed by your transfer to the Old Harbour Hotel in Cochin. It's situated at the heart of an ancient Fort, and can be easily dated back to more than 300 years. This stay gives you the perfect start to "A Taste of Kerala" trip. All the riders will get together by night, to commemorate the beginning of an amazing journey, over a typical Kerala festive dinner. Day 2: While the morning will be spent over a bike tour in Fort Kochi, the evening will come alive witnessing the crazy traditions and colorful performances of Kathakali- the classical dance-drama of Kerala. In Cochin, we'll get to stay in the serenity of the Fort House, embarking on the edge of Fort Kochi, amidst Ayurvedic massages and amazing Kerala seafood. Distance cycled: 20 kms / 12 miles

Photo of Cochin, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 3: We start the day with a 90 minute shuttle bus ride to reach the scenic stretch along the canal route to Thattekad. The first ride begins amongst the beautiful enclosures of lush green landscape, with the chirpy birdlife giving you company, as you pedal along the canal. And this smooth road soon leads to our next destination - The Hornbill Camp. Providing your day's stay with the authenticity of an eco-adventure experience, this spot is an ideal comfort zone amidst the wilderness of Thattekad. Those of you who are bird lovers will enjoy the sight of a variety of species of birds, trailing alongside the Periyar River. You can even choose to be a little more extravagant and pamper yourself in the luxury of the Swiss Camps. Distance cycled: 40 kms / 25 miles

Photo of Thattekad, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 4: Post a delicious traditional breakfast, and a short transfer to get beyond the city hustle, we ride along the countryside. And as we pedal along the flow of the Periyar River, the biking trail finds its way traversing rubber and pineapple plantations in the Valara forest reserve. The sound of the waterfalls accompanies a short relaxing break. And we then continue our gradual climb till we stop for lunch at a local eatery. After lunch, the bike ride just seems to enclose you in even more aromatic lushes of the Munnar hill, biking past cardamom and alpine tea plantations, all the way to our hotel. Here, we'll stay at the Kaivalyam Retreat- a perfect spot for all those Yoga enthusiasts. Along with the company of the rolling hills, the tea plantations and the enchanting mountains, this retreat offers you the most mouth-watering yet rejuvenating organic food. Distance cycled: 80 kms / 50 miles Day 5: Filled with wilderness, this day starts with a ride uphill to Top Station at 6,397 ft, along the paths carved out in the Annamalai - one of the highest mountain tops, overlooking the towns of Kerala and its neighborhood in Tamil Nadu. We will ascend over 500 m in this gradual uphill climb. After enriching yourself with the history of tea amongst the Shola forests and hill top tea plantations, along with a delicious lunch, we will adventure our way downhill. Distance cycled: 60 kms/ 37 miles

Photo of Munnar, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 6: 22 kilometers of the main Munnar town, we head off to this small town of Chinnakal. While the active rider in you will enjoy the steep and gradual climbs, you'll just not be able to take your eyes off the incredible landscape of the scenic tea plantations. We will just continue to relax and enjoy the day, along with sipping the famous tea of Munnar. Those of you who've been looking forward to getting enlightenment on the panch-tatva, Fort Munnar at Chinnakanal is the perfect spot spend the day and night. Amidst the spice-filled aromatic environment of the hills, this Retreat is the ideal place to rejuvenate yourself and shape your mind, body and soul.

Photo of Chinnakanal, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 7: A spectacular climb out of Munnar, we'll ride through God's Own Route. We'll ride all along tea gardens and lakes and descend our way, pedaling thought the small villages and hamlets, leading it's way to Thekkady. After lunch, a specialist in ayurvedic medicine will teach us the healing powers of Kerala spices, followed by our stay at Spice village and a treat of some special tribal cuisine. Distance cycled: 70 kms / 43 miles Day 8: This day will start with a private nature walk and boat safari in Periyar National Park, learning about the many species in this wildlife reserve on a well guided tour. This will be followed by an interesting visit to spice and rubber plantations. And later that evening, you'll even learn how to cook yourself something delicious from the Kerala cuisine, with an effective use of local spices. Widernest Resort will be our retreat for the two nights we stay at Thekkady. Built close to the Periyar, this resort offers a comfortable stay. Distance cycled: 30 kms / 20 miles (optional)

Photo of Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 9: This will be a beautiful day, filled with rides along plush landscape and aromatic hills. From the Cardamom Hills of Thekkady, you'll pedal your way to the tea gardens of Vagamon, via the rubber plantations. Though a hilly ride, the cool weather keeps your ride smooth. An enchanting hill station, you can even choose to relax or indulge in some adventure activities like paragliding or just explore some of nature's trails! The Summer Sand Resort is an eco-friendly resort built in the middle of the plush greens of Vagamon, where we'll stay for a night. Along with the moon's reflection in the crystal waters of the lake, you'll also enjoy sights such as the fisherman amidst their activities and the waves hitting the shores, making harmony with the breeze at midnight.

Photo of Vagamon, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 10: Aboard your very own teak and palm thatched private houseboat, you'll spend the night under the starry sky, over the waters of Vembanad Lake. Since the houseboat comes with a captain, cook and crew- all at your disposal, we can just relax and enjoy the backwaters of Kerala. You'll further enjoy this experience of the backwaters in your night's stay in this Houseboat at Alappuzha. while you'll definitely be amazed at the way these boats are made (without the use of a single nail!!) you'll enjoy the enchanting experience as the moonlit waters reflect the bowing down of palm and coconut trees on either side, making for a beautiful experience for you all throughout the night. Distance cycled: 60 kms / 37 miles

Photo of Vembanad Lake, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

Day 11: This will be the last biking day, and we'll ride our way along the beach road. This refreshing and easy day will come to an end in the old traditional house, where we'll spend the night. The Parayil Homestead, built more than a century ago, gives for an elegant and traditional stay amongst the grandeur of the old aristocracy of the region. And if you are in search for antique woodwork, traditional brassware, attics in isolation and ancient abandoned granaries, then this is the perfect place, and an even ideal one to spend the last night of this amazing bicycle trip. Distance cycled: 60 kms / 37 miles Day 12: We'll finally bid adieu, and your trip leaders will make suitable arrangements to transfer you to the Cochin International Airport.

Photo of Alleppey, Kerala, India by Art of Bicycle Trips

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