God's own country ... The Kerala !

25th May 2016
Photo of God's own country ... The Kerala ! by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Early morning I woke up and was excited for my Kerala trip. Packing was 85% done and my handbag was ready. I left home by 6:30 AM as I never delay due to my prior planning. I hired the taxi to the Mumbai Airport and I had a 10:35 AM flight to Cochin. I never knew about the storms which had hit Chennai. So the weather was completely beautiful in Kerala. The rains just added to the beauty of Greens. By 12:30 PM noon approx I was there in Cochin. Mr. Nayyar was the driver throughout the trip. I kept on conversing with him on front seat of the car and we had the lunch together itself. Biryani was too good I had at the Kamath Restaurant and I have no idea if its the same chain which is popular. It was an overcast day but reaching Munnar it started Raining. I checked-in into the Hotel and the climate got super beautiful. Besides our hotel was a small place where - in we could sit on the wooden logs and had a small river besides it. I kept walking and deliberately got a bit wet, chilled weather and Coffee at the Hotel Room. I checked-in into Grand Plaza, Munnar which again has a fascinating view of Munnar. Tea plantations all over ! Overnight I spent at the hotel, dinner too was in Grand Plaza too.

Day 2

Good Morning wow ! was my expression on opening my eyes and looking at the mist and feeling the chill in the morning. Today was my plan to reach the point where in I started up to see the Nilgiri Tahr, beautiful view point and a very mini trek I indulged into once the bus reached the peak point. There onto I visited the Tata Tea Garden Estate which was again quite informative to know about what is the exact process to Manufacture and prepare the best tea. It was thoroughly a beautiful time, evening I went to the Flower Valley which is just a unique way of showcasing some beautiful plants and flowers. Later, proceeded for a bit of shopping of Tea for my Father, who happens to be a Tea Lover and I who happens to get excited over a cup of coffee.

Day 3

Today was a fine Sunny Morning, also a pleasant climate, no one misses such a chance to get on a boat ! So, Munnar served my interest too on hopping onto the boat near Mattupetty Dam and having the feel of a captain .. LOL who just takes his sail around. It again was so beautiful to have a small pedal sail over the Mattupetty. I disembarked it and now was my plan to see some Elephants. I visited a place in Munnar where one can indulge into Elephant Rides, the way these big giants look is really cute, the way they bathe and spray water around is quite beautiful. I had a planned package of Breakfast and Dinner. I usually had my Lunch at the Mahavir Restaurant which happens to be close to the City center. Overnight I had my dinner and stay at the hotel. I packed my bags again as next morning I had to head to Thekkady.

Day 4

Morning Bells ! Oops I got late it was 8:00 AM. I quickly got ready and informed the Reception about the same, they were quite friendly unlike some who charge customers on being late. I got my morning bed time coffee and got ready very quickly. I was still on time and I quickly paid up the tariff's and loaded my bags in the car with Mr. Nayyar. I had my breakfast and there onto Thekkady. I visited the beautiful Spice Gardens enroute which is just mind blowing and shopping for some spices which are farm grown, cannot be a better option. In Kerala, specially if you are concerned about spicy foods, you can prefer having Biryanis, Dosas with good Sambhars or spicy chatneys they serve. If you have a sweet taste preference, anything with Coconut garnishing is the best suggestion I could provide. So I checked-in the Wild Corridor in Thekkady. The view was fantastic, the hotel was on hills, one could see just trees on the hills and greenery was 100/100. Mist kept on adding to the beauty. I went to the Periyar Wildlife century to have a look of the Wild Animals the people boast on having a view of. I did see alot of animals in their wild habitats and I was quite happy to see them enjoying in their natural habitat. I just rested there in the evening and next day I had to again head to Kumarakkom. My dinner arrangements and next day Breakfast arrangements was supposed to be in the Hotel.

Day 5

Got up by 7 in the Morning and as usual I needed my morning coffee. I quickly got fresh and now was my time to head to The Zuri, Kumarakkom. Loved the 5-start heaven property which Kumarakkom has ! I checked in after 3 hours drive. I loved the way they treat their customers. I ordered the Birayani again.. LOL as usual.. but I kept getting variations in the way it was prepared. I loved it there, evening I had a nice walk by the hotel and a bit of dip into the poolside. I had my tasty dinner there..in Zuri, Kumarakkom.

Day 6

Today was my plans to just rest and also indulge into the Kerala Spa that is quite a famous one. The Ayurveda oil that they use is quite of a superior and better one. Felt the stress getting out of the body through every pores. Its heaven being there. I actually got extremely M. O. D. there and you rightly guessed that I kept on relishing the Doughnuts. I had around 3 of them, I loved the Breakfast and the greeting by chef and he got the best feedback from me. Overnight was my beautiful stay and Dinner at Zuri.

Day 7

Today I had to get back to Mumbai. So I checked out and cleared up all the formalities. I packed the bags and got ready. We started towards Cochin by 10 and my flight was at 04:00 PM to Mumbai. So I packed everything, felt fresh and proceeded to Cochin airport. I had made the payments for my Car Transfers well in advance and Hotels too. I proceeded back to airport and I ordered the Pizza there from Dominoes. Once my check-in stuff was done, it again began raining in Kerala it was mesmerizing. I just loved listening a few songs sung by Adelle, Alan Walker, Few Hindi Tracks and simultaneously a binge on my Pizza Parcel. My flight arrived 30 Mins late. It kept raining and also was the sunshine seen, my flight just crossed one of the Rainbow that looked quite pretty, the moment we took off Cochin Airport. It was mesmerizing. Landed in Mumbai and messy traffic got me back, but my soul and mind was resting in Kerala.

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