Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

1st Mar 2014
Photo of Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 1/5 by Muktadhara Ray
Entrance to the resort
Photo of Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 2/5 by Muktadhara Ray
From one of the view points
Photo of Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 3/5 by Muktadhara Ray
outdoor activities at the resort
Photo of Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 4/5 by Muktadhara Ray
place we had lunch at
Photo of Horseley Hills: Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 5/5 by Muktadhara Ray
inside the resort

“When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it.” This was a quote that I always quite liked and would deliver it to friends at the smallest chance available.However,when my turn came to deal with the lemons, not only did I not make lemonade, I stood there lifeless taking every lemon and feeling every bit of the pain it caused . I was in this sphere that I had created for myself and wasn't ready to come out of it.When friends who were concerned asked me what would help, i replied without second thought, travel, going to a new place will help.

So after much coaxing I put myself in a KSRTC bus that took me to Bangalore where my cousin and other friends live. Reached Bangalore in the morning and after a quick shower, we hopped into the car. Destination: Horseley Hills, Chittoor, AP.

The car's AC and an amazing place without a name on the highway where we stopped to eat lunch saved us. The only way you can identify this place is that it has a lot of small mango trees.After our lunch we were gifted a bunch of green mangoes. :) It was hell hot and dry. Nature in its crudest form lay in front of us.But if you visit during monsoons or spring, you will find the road covered with canopies. There is only one resort that AP tourism has made is the Haritha Hill Resort. The last ten kilometres is an uphill drive and the view is bound to mesmerize anyone. We loved the resort at first glance.It is covered with trees that have purple blossoms.I think they are lavender flowers. The first thing we did after checking in was to go for the Kerala ayurvedic massage that the resort provided. And boy,what orgasmic pleasure it was. Not very fancy, very basic oil massage and a sauna bath after it. The lady could touch every pain point of my body except where it pained the most, my heart. After sunset, it became very chilly. We were lying down on the grass by the swimming pool and looked up to a starlit sky. That was the moment of this trip. The swimming pool area of the resort has beautiful flowers and green grass carpeted all over.Since the resort is a hill resort, there are trees everywhere and almost gives you the feel of a forest.After clicking pics to our hearts content, we lay down on the grass and looked up at the clear starlit sky. The thing about being close to nature is, it demands your undivided attention and in the process makes you forget everything or everyone that bothers you.We lay down there in the silence of the night without talking to each other, taking in all that the universe had to offer.This moment is what stayed with me even after we came back and will be forever etched in my memory.

Next day morning we got hold of our swimming costumes and jumped into the pool.The water is clean and the pool area is well maintained. There is a view point at the highest point of the resort which gives you the most amazing view of the valleys around.Food in the resort is pretty expensive and not very tasty but then you do not have any other option. In the morning, the chilliness of the night was gone and the heat had fiercely set in. We took a stroll around the resort, had complimentary buffet breakfast, checked out the playground, went uphill to the view point, sat there for a while and stared at the dry crude beauty in front of us. The drive back home was tough, one because of the heat and two it was beautiful place that we were leaving behind to go back to the shor of the city. At the end of it all, i re-realized, how important it is to go to new places, to discover the unknown, to keep moving, to come out of the mundane routine life, to give yourself importance above everyone and everything else and most importantly to just let life flow like a joyous river and not build a dam across it! P.S : Visit during rains or winter. Summers are tough Also check out these sites : ;

It's beautiful and well maintained. The lavender flowers carpet the entire area. The swimming pool area is also very beautiful. Food is expensive and not very tasty.

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