Life changing week in Kerala!

Photo of Life changing week in Kerala! 1/4 by Trilokesh Penta
Photo of Life changing week in Kerala! 2/4 by Trilokesh Penta
Photo of Life changing week in Kerala! 3/4 by Trilokesh Penta
Photo of Life changing week in Kerala! 4/4 by Trilokesh Penta

This was my first alone trip by train as a long journey of about 27 hours from Pune to Thrissur by 3 tier tickets by Poorna express. An Indian Railway provides better service. Their is scope to improve it. But train experience was good. I caught train on 13th of July by 11 pm from Pune Railway station. My elder sister was worried about me because i was travelling alone in India first time. As per people expressions about India she is little bit scared about India and Indians. But now everything is okay! So, now back to the trip as a night I slept in a train as I boarded.I woke up at about 8 O'clock. Then coffee wala came and I ordered one coffee for me. It was too cheap as compare to Starbucks because in normal college days I only prefer Starbucks coffee because its awesome! Then after a morning coffee I brushed around 10 o'clock. Then again I had a coffee i.e post brush coffee as I addicted to coffee in my real life. Then I had breakfast i.e homemade sandwiches. Then again I had coffee. Then I went to boggy door to have a look of outside. At that time I was in Goa i.e Madgaon Junction. Train took halt their about half an hour after that I ordered lunch for me and had it around 2 o'clock. Then I took little nap. After that in the evening i had coffee again then in night i had dinner around 9 o'clock. Then I was worried about station timing because some people was saying is train on time and some are saying train half an hour late. Because standard timing of train to reach at Thrissur station is 2 am. I was scared about if missed my station because the last station of train was Ernakulum. I never slept that night. Around @ o'clock I reached at Thrissur station. Then I took prepaid auto to SNA ayurvedic center where my sister was taking treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Then I called my mom she received me at the gate of center. I was shying because why would they entertain me . I am not a patient or any authority but they entertained me beyond my expectations. In the morning sister's mother in law came to receive me. Around 3 o'clock we left Thrissur station to reach at Aluva station. It was an hour journey. After train journey we took local bus to reach at Athani then we took another bus frrom Athani to reach at Poicketteyserry. L. P. school bus stop. It was only 345 people village in very isolated area where you can find only greenery and leaf drop silence. Brother in laws home was very cool. They planted mnay types of herbs and trees their like spices cinnamon, cardamom, etc. That day I took rest and planned travel to explore some parts of Kerala. On the second day i woke up at 5 am and had bath early morning. Then came downstairs to have tea. After tea i visited near temple to follow early morning rituals. It was Devi's temple. After that i went home with uncle ( Unni uncle ). Then had breakfast and tea. Then around 10 o'clock we went to Kalady which is Shankaracharya's birth place. After that we went to Elephant training camp where govt. financed to treat anxious elephants. Then we went to shankaracharaya's math where they stepped first time. After we went to home. Then next day we had visit to Charai beach one of the exotic beaches in India. We were seated for an hour there. Then we had lunch at near hotel the fish. Fish fry was awesome. After a heavy lunch we moved to home. It was 2 hours journey. Next day we went to Munnar. Its a hill station of Kerala. Where wee visited lots of points tea factories and lakes and dams. We took halt in Suryanalli village which away from munnar around 20 km. Its a border of Kerala and Tamilnadu. On second day we woke up at 4 to visit sunrise point. It was amazing experience as to see sunrise from 2417 ft above from sea level. Then we visited to TATA tea factory. It was amazing plant. Best tea in the world they are manufacturing. Then wee headed downwards as hill road was worst our backs was just paining. Then at home we had breakfast then headed toward bus stop to catch bus as early as possible. The weather of munnar was just heaven. Just another heaven on earth preceded by J&K . Then we took bus too Aluva back too pavilion. After that day we visited four temples in a day was adventure for me. On Sunday morning i ent to Thrissur at ayurvedic center. I spent day there. Then we visited Guruvayoor temple the biggest temple of Lord Krishna. Then at night 1 am i took train to Pune Before that i spent three hours at station waiting room. I reached on Wednesday at Pune in the early morning around 4 am. This was my amazing experience of solo trip in India. As the south Indians are well mannered people and cooperative .

An amazing photoquing scene. Like summer Switzerland in India. Can't believe such places are in India too! Why? would we always travel to abroad. Breathtaking place.

Photo of Chinakalan Lake. by Trilokesh Penta

Great work done by Guruvayoor temple. About 60-65 elephants are their for rehabiliation. We should support them.

Photo of Gurupavanapuri, Kerala, India by Trilokesh Penta

After 10 years elephant ride. An amazing experience.

Photo of Munnar, Munnar, Kerala, India by Trilokesh Penta
Photo of Munnar, Munnar, Kerala, India by Trilokesh Penta

an amazing house boat experience over night stay in middle of forest surrounded by blue water. little bit expensive but worth experience.

cultural and urban area in Kerala. the both side of world we can see in thrissur. too cheap lifestyle.

an isolated place. such quite place. urban people can't bear it. but for a change its very good. if someone want to underground the place is awesome. Thanks Brother-in-law.