Serene Beaches of the South

Photo of Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Muzhappilangad Beach Road, Muzhappilangad, Kerala, India by DeePassionateWanderer

Kasargod Beach - Kannuveedu

Photo of Kannuveedu Kadappuram Swami Madam, Kasaragod - Kannur Road, Kadapuram, Kerala, India by DeePassionateWanderer

As we reach Thrikaripur, Kasargod in Kerala the mesmerizing sight of Kavvayi backwaters on one side and the Arabian sea on the other welcomes us into the narrow strip of land in between. With no soul in sight for miles, the beach was a real heart stealer. Stay in the few homestays on the beach to experience authentic Kerala cuisine and rejuvenate with a traditional ayurvedic massage.

Soar to your heart's content - Kasargod

Photo of Kasaragod, Kerala, India by DeePassionateWanderer

Muzhappilangad Beach

Photo of Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Muzhappilangad Beach Road, Muzhappilangad, Kerala, India by DeePassionateWanderer

Chavakad Beach at sunset

Photo of Chavakkad, Kerala, India by DeePassionateWanderer

Muttom Beach, Kanyakumari

Photo of Muttom, Tamil Nadu, India by DeePassionateWanderer

Beaches are the most beautiful creation of nature where the Sky, Water, Air and Land coalesce to soothe your soul, as you experience inner peace.

I prefer beaches that are Serene, Clean, Quiet, Deserted and free from any touristy activity. I can sit for hours staring at the Persistent waves kissing the shoreline with a rhythmic sound, which gets addictive after some time. A nice long walk on the sands, looking back at the footprints I have left, feeling amazed at the eternity of everything around me lightens up my mind and tranquility dwells within.

As my ears enjoy the music of waves 🎵

As my nose inhales the oceanic smell ⛱

As my face gets caressed by the breeze 🤗

As my fingers twiddle the sand 🤭

My lips are upturned in a blissful smile. 😊😊😊

For those of you, who enjoy solitude at the beach, unwind and de-stress for a weekend at these paradise(s) mentioned below.



Driving a Car or a Bike on the Surf, splashing water is joyful. Do it at Muzhappilangad beach, for nearly 4 – 5 kms at the only drive in beach in Kerala, located between Kannur and Thalassery. An early morning stroll on the beach with the views of fishing boats bobbing up and down will enthrall the photographer in us. Enjoy the Golden rays of the setting sun as we soak in the natural glory of the place.


Bang on NH66 (NH17), close to Kundapura, on the Konkan coast of Karnataka- the spectacular scenery unfolds with the Arabian sea on our left, River Sauparnika on the right, the Highway in the middle and the Majestic Kodachadri Hills providing a picturesque background. The stunning image, still fresh in my mind,as it emerged in front of my eyes left me awed. Though a portion of the beach has water activities, a large stretch is unspoilt and offers a peaceful time.

Soak in the view for hours

Photo of Serene Beaches of the South by DeePassionateWanderer


Located in Udayvara, Udupi district of Karnataka, the drive towards this lesser known beach is really scenic. Once again nature amazes us with River Udayvara on one side and the Arabian sea on the other, with the drive in between these two water bodies providing a feast to our eyes and soul. Airbnb is the best bet and the locals welcome us to stay with them. Relaxing is the main activity here and the views are worthy of a hundred clicks. Try out the local home cooked delicacies while you unwind.


This Beach located at around 20 kms from Kasargod in Kerala provides an excellent view of the Historic Bekal fort, a marvellous structure, jutting out into the seas. The golden sun, sea and sand gives a breathtaking view in the evening, inviting one to take a leisurely stroll across the shore. Though there are activities like the Children Park and walkways in one part of the beach, there are secluded and peaceful parts providing the much needed privacy to relax.

Bekal Beach

Photo of Serene Beaches of the South by DeePassionateWanderer


Further down south towards Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu lies the Muttom Beach with huge rocks on the beach. The waves crashing on the rocks with loud noise and Splashing water gives this beach a mesmerising view. Muttom beach has featured in several movies owing to its scenic location. An old lighthouse and a small museum attached to it, is worth a visit. Though the beach is off the main road, it is less crowded, clean and is a hidden gem.


Located at approx. 5 kms from the famous Guruvayoor Shri Krishna Temple in Thrissur district of Kerala, lies the azure waters of the Arabian sea and the tranquility of the beach. The confluence of river with the sea, at Azhimukam is a delightful view to the observer. A nearby lighthouse attracts some visitors. The swaying coconut trees along the coast adds beauty to the atmosphere.

As I started penning the list of beaches, I realised that all of them are towards the Arabian Sea, which got me thinking ''why have we not explored the Bay of Bengal coast line yet ?'' As I await for the chance to find the hidden gems along the East coast of the Southern peninsula.....I will dig for information from my friends and the internet....And If you know any ... Do not hesitate to get in touch....Adios Amigos....

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Photo of Serene Beaches of the South by DeePassionateWanderer