7 Horcruxes to Harness Your (Hungry) Soul (read Stomach) #streetfoodindia

Photo of 7 Horcruxes to Harness Your (Hungry) Soul (read Stomach) #streetfoodindia by Jayashree Sengupta

7 Best Street Foods Under Rs 100 In...

Seven is indeed a lucky number, at least Voldy thought so. And he did create seven horcruxes to harness the soul. To feed a gargantuan appetite the real life horcruxes are the 'evilicious' (evil yet delicious) street-foods, which do harness our taste buds, but sometimes fail to keep up with the stomach. So if you do not possess the stomach for the street-foods, proceed no further matey!!!

Kolkata- The Hogsmeade of the Culinary Wizards

If you have visited Kolkata and have not tasted the gastronomy of its streets then "You have failed this City!" Kolkata loves to feast and boast of it. Be it the nooks of the traditional Chinatown to the roadside stalls of Park Street, Kolkata profoundly offers its lip-smacking culinary delights.

This food trail is beyond the known Kolkata's famous phhuchka, papri chat/batata puri, moghlai paratha and biriyani.

#1. MOMOs


7 is also one of the most juxtaposed number in Chinese numerology. For the positive side, it indicates "start" or "rise", and also "vital energy". The same conception is potrayed in the Chinatown of Kolkata. The day dawns here with utterly delicious chinese food. A plate of white dumplings with the chicken stew and the chilly sauce would surely kick-start the day.

Cost per plate: Rs. 50 per plate having 5 momos.


The best MOMOs are available here. Other delicacies include THAIPO, MEAT BALLS, PORK STICKS and other TIBETAN CUISINES.



Speaking of Bengal, and you not speak of fish is as equal a misdemeanor of not savoring it. The crunchy tangy fish fry with a bit of Kasundi (mustard sauce) tripping between your fingers journeying to your tongue is a must try.

Cost per plate: Rs.70 per plate having one fry.


Besides the famous FISH FRY, GRILLED SANDWICHES, CHOWMEIN and CHICKEN STU are worth the mention.

Photo of 7 Horcruxes to Harness Your (Hungry) Soul (read Stomach) #streetfoodindia by Jayashree Sengupta



The fluffy naan like luchi with the gughni as the side dish is your choice for a perfect brunch. The appetizer is rightly met outside the temple of history. Few hours in the Indian Museum, and refill yourself with this special flavour of Kolkata, outside.

Cost per plate: Rs. 20 per plate having four pieces.

A patentented epicurean delight of Kolkata, born initially in the Nizam restaurant, it is now a well known street food too, with a wide variant of prototypes, most common being the egg-chicken roll. However the originality lies in the wrapping of the egg-paratha around the roasted kebab pieces with sauce and salads.

Cost per plate: Rs. 40 a roll.

Kathi Roll. Courtesy Wikipedia

Photo of Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Jayashree Sengupta


Walk around Park Street to kindle the bookwarm within you. If not interested in the printed inks, have a visit to the well known Park Street Cemetery to have a look in the embossed ink of the epitaphs.



Be prepared to loose your heart in between those crooked twists of floured batter dipped in the sugared syrup.

Cost per plate: Rs. 15 per plate for 3 pieces of Jilipi.


Best for Street Photography.



Tea is the elixir to the exuberant and spirited Kolkatan subculture. However this particular place adds chocolate to it, giving an utopian Edenic touch to the brew.

Cost per plate: Varies from Rs. 30 (smaller cup) to Rs. 60 (larger cup)


South City Mall can be visited herefrom.



Puffed rice or jhaal muri are passe, the best crunchy snack is ghoti gorom with that onion mixed flavoured chanachur with the tongue-smacking "amra" or raw green mango. Foodgasm indeed.

Cost per plate: Rs. 10 per wrap.


Witness the beautiful sunset from Prinsep Ghat under the Vidyasagar Setu followed by an evening stroll along the river Ganges.

Now that you know of them, delve in and Bon Appétit.

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