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The MIsty mountain of the mighty Nilgirishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NudsuaFDeAY

Photo of Ooty you have never seen before | DRONE View | #westernghatsinphotos by Soul and Fuel

We all know Ooty as one of the most popular hill stations in South India for it amazing climate, tea plantations, picturesque locations etc.

Well, I am going to take you on an amazing trip to Ooty to show you some of the places you'd not have seen before, from an Aerial perspective.

Aravenu is a small hamlet in the Nilgiris, home for some beautiful water falls, tea plantation etc.

Catherine falls is one of the most beautiful and hidden waterfalls in Ooty. The trek to the falls through the tea plantation is just amazing!

The Ooty railway station is yet another marvelous place to visit. Built in 1886, it is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site and it is one of the only 2 stations in India where the train engines run on Steam!

Photo of Ooty you have never seen before | DRONE View | #westernghatsinphotos 1/1 by Soul and Fuel

What more relaxing and adventurous than riding on the Hair pin bends of the Kothagiri Road. Have a look at the roads :)

Take a short walk on the Bridge near Ketti Railway station. Feeling Fabulous???

Ever seen a herd of Bisons before? Well, if you're lucky enough, you can find some amidst the tea plantations.

Pro Tip : The chances of spotting them is higher early in the morning or during sunset time ;)

Take a walk around the forest and you may spot some wild elephants.

P.S :BE VERY CAREFUL. Do not wander away without a guide.

There are many small beautiful villages around Ooty. Go there, interact with the locals, understand their culture, taste their food.

Love boating? Well, Ooty has a beautiful lake where you can do that. If you just wanna laze around, go for the Pedal Boat, else the speed boat if you love speed.

If all these excite you, pack your bags and visit Ooty.

Oh Hey, watch this video of Ooty from the Air - Shot on DJI Mavic Air drone.

Have a great trip!

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