22nd Oct 2018
Day 1

So, it was a good sunny day in the Manali Valley.

I thought of taking a short trip to Parvati and back, a quick ride and get my bag left over at Sky Heaven, katagla, kullu.

21st September, 2018. Abdullah, the Dumbledore of Rockway Bagpackers Hostel, Old manali, suggested visiting Hallan, a small village about 12 KM up hill Naggar.

Another blessed soul gave me a point of reference too - “Sukhi bhai!”

So parvati was out of sight and hallan became the focus of my ride

New place - new experience.

How to get to hallan?

Put "Hallan" on Google maps,

 Select Hallan -i (cause there are 1 Crore hallan's),

 Click start

 Ask a trillion people on the way, cause i love talking to trillion people on the way.

Right off the bend from Heritage Village Resorts, on Jagatsukh Road, the Hallan Road picks up a steep ascent. It's not really spelled out but you'll see a road going up towards the sky at the bend.

The road to hallan is such a treat, albeit a bit bumpy. The view from the road is breathtaking at every bend and corner. I did not even check my Google Map. Instead followed a noisy, but "You know that sweet sounding rally car" exhaust wali, Hyundai Santro.

Badka Ji pulled over, i looked alien to him, these "retro goggles" make
me look like Peter O' Toole from Lawrence of Arabia. I make a joke.

He was quick to help, bit shy when i complimented his exhaust note. Followed him up to the ration store where he signaled me to stop and then continued spreading that sweet sweet sound thorugh the valley.

To my luck Sukhi bhai's house was just across the street buuuuut it starts to rain. Now ladies and Getleturds, ITS POURING! like CATS & DOGS and other animals too, WITH THE SUN OUT!

Oh my days!

The hallan road leads up to Vasuki Naag Temple and then it turns into a pass to Malana Valley. The villagers often use this route during festivals.

I returned with some apples from hallan and a bit of malana with me.

but the weather started to change as i reached manali, dark clouds had build up over the valley,

the inevitable was bound to happen.

Photo of Hallan-i, Himachal Pradesh, India by budwhyy
Photo of Hallan-i, Himachal Pradesh, India by budwhyy
Photo of Hallan-i, Himachal Pradesh, India by budwhyy