Trek in Snow - Prashar Lake (What is the best time to visit)


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Best time to visit Prashar lake, Mandi is from end of December to February. It is located around 50kms from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh

If you are going alone then you can book a bus from Majnu ka Tila in Delhi to Mandi, it would take around 10-11 hours & cost you around INR 800 (Start around 20:00 & reach by 7:00).

If you are going in a group it would be best to book a cab which would cost you nearly about INR 9k-10k plus it gives you flexibility of timing & covers the cost till trek & post trek.

Day 1

We went by cab and started our journey early morning to Mandi.

Reached Mandi by 4pm & stayed in a local hotel to prepare for tomorrow.

Trek starts from a small village name Baggi, therefore you need a cab or you can travel by bus to reach Baggi early morning but there is a limited connectivity from Mandi to Baggi (first leaves at 9am & second 1opm)

Day 2

We woke up early morning & went to baggi which almost took 1.5 hours & started trek at 9am

There is majorly only one trek organizer - Kishna Camp, i would suggest you to go with them as they take care of everything and make things easy. They usually charge INR 1k - 1.5k per person that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & camp/small house.

The hike to the lake from Baggi is approximately 7 kms. and mostly straight forward which should not take more than 4-5 hours at comfortable pace.

Start of the trek is on big rocks for at-least 20-30 mins & this is most toughest part of the trek.

Half way through the trek you will find greenery & steep climb.

After completing 1/3rd of the trek at-last we started seeing some snow.

Some videos of climbing

We reached to the top by 5 pm while it was snowing a little. Firstly we went to Prashar Rishi Temple in the freezing cold. Removing shoes were the last thing somebody would want in that situation.

After visiting the temple we were given a small wood house to stay in, we had tea & snacks.

Long awaited, we got to see the most talked Prashar Lake and do you know

Interesting Fact: Till now no one has been able to find out the depth of Prashar Lake. Locals say that once they have seen big trees drowning in water due to a storm and that too without leaving a trace on the outer surface.

And the middle circle in the lake is as earth as other mountains and keep floating throughout the year.

This was the first view of the day of arrival - Prashar Lake

Staying at this place has its own magic & had one of the most memorable night. we had born fire with nice Indian food.

Next morning we woke-up with this -

And when i stepped out of my hut for a morning walk

So after breakfast we started for descend and we choose the road to come back. it turned out to be a nice decision and below are some pictures

We reached by 2pm and headed back to delhi.

Total Cost - 5k per person

You can also take tent in Prashar lake

You can also reach the top by car/bike but would suggest you to go for trek

If you have any questions regarding this trip or anything about Northeast, feel free to ask.

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