The Uninvited Nature's call 


Four friends set out to discover their love for travel. Their choice of destination? Himachal Pradesh, for pretty obvious reasons.

We were not certain about what we would do on our trip, but there was one thing everyone was clear about. Riding on a bike amidst those dreamy hills and valleys. With a very low budget in hand, and bikes whose rent wasn't cheap, it meant cutting costs on everything else, be it food, accommodation or other expenses.

We slept in Gurudwaras everywhere, for free or virtually no money. We ate the lungars they provided, or looked for cheapest food sources like home-cooked food or dhabas. It did mean a little compromise with hygiene, but we saved enough money to pay up for our bikes and fuel.

It was McLeodganj, and we parked our bikes and started trekking on the Triund trek. A little misguided, and we lost our route. It was a deserted trek with no one around. On going a little further, one of us felt the need to visit the toilet. It was a wide space everywhere around us, but we had forgot to pack one essential item with us. Water.

Somehow it triggered all of our stomachs, and five minutes later three out of four of us were in urgent need of a toilet to let go of our sins. But unfortunately it was a deserted area, and we had no water. Suddenly a guy came up with the 'Eureka' idea, to look up for a piece of paper in our pockets/bags. After 10 minutes of searching, all we could find were two unreserved train tickets, too small to be of any use, and some other chits. We were short of water, and paper. And things were getting tense inside our stomachs.

I finally found my laptop's warranty card. It was on a A-4 size sheet of paper, with original warranty seal on it. I do not regret giving it up, for it was divided into three pieces and helped us all get the most 'relieving' experience of our lives. It was an experience like no other.