North East Riders Meet – 2016

16th Apr 2019
Day 1

NERM or North East Rider’s meet is a beautiful event which is organized by a Royal Enfield rider’s club of any one state of Northeast India each year. The event takes place on the first week of November or the last week of October or anywhere in between. In 2016 it was November 10 when my journey started for this glorious event. I had always a passion for the motorcycles and the motorcycling world and this time it was going to be the big leap towards this auspicious journey.

I was only 17 when I got to know about the NERM. I had bought my bike a few months back but as I was underaged so I was unable to apply for the driver’s license and thus I was unable to ride on my motorcycle to this auspicious event. NERM, edition of 2016 was going to take place in Meghalaya and I had already registered for the event in the first slot of booking itself because there are lots of biking enthusiast from all over the world who wait eagerly for the registration of NERM and thus you will find seats unavailable, after one or two minutes of opening of registration window. So if you are the one who got a seat booked for you in the first slot then consider yourself lucky. Since I didn’t have the driver’s license hence I had to go other ways.

Fortunately, I have got friends who are the best in the world. His name was Rishiraj and he is also my mentor. He has got some sharp riding skills and he had already done many rides. He gave me the opportunity to go to the event as he took me to the event as a pillion.  During our journey, I was getting dumbstruck by the beauty as the number succeeded in the trip counter of his motorcycle. When we reached the venue the beauty was mesmerizing. After reaching the venue we met riders from different places and it was pretty nice to see the same enthusiasm you had, in others. We were given a place for pitching the tent as we were going to stay in the tents for 3 days.

The coordinators were great because they provided us the best service including good foods and loud music which will shake your heart to the fullest and you will start to feel the positive vibes. The weather was cold and it was a great feeling to sleep under the stars. I got to learn many things and as the slogan of NERM says “When we meet, we grow”. There were so many events at daytime and it was a total fun sharing memories with different riders.  At one point I thought it a different world seeing so many new things but soon I realized that it was indeed a different world. In

Photo of Peit Them Resort, Pongtung, Meghalaya, India by Koushik Das
Photo of Peit Them Resort, Pongtung, Meghalaya, India by Koushik Das
Photo of Peit Them Resort, Pongtung, Meghalaya, India by Koushik Das