Here Are Stunning Properties Under Rs 3k That You Need to Visit for the Ultimate Winter Escape


While winter renders most hill-stations inaccessible for some travellers, there's an adventurous bunch that cannot stay away from the mountains no matter how much it is raining or snowing there. If you love experiencing winter in the mountains and are looking for affordable stay options that don't compromise on service or beauty, here's a definitive list that will help you add some magic to your winter. Take a look!

GlampEco has to be my favourite discovery of 2019 and I can't recommend it enough. Located in Hampta, Manali, the property is the ideal off-beat getaway that will offer you a memorable travel experience. GlampEco boasts of not one but three types of accommodation that you can choose, based on your budget and the kind of experience that you are looking for. Whether you choose a room in their cosy Himachali mud-house, a bed in their dormitory or their signature geodesic dome, you are sure to enjoy crispy blue skies and icy-cold weather from the comfort of GlampEco.

Winter highlight: Situated at a height of about 8,500 ft., Hampta receives bucket-loads of snowfall. So if you want to be sure to catch some flakes, then GlampEco is the place to be.

Type of accommodation: Private rooms in the mudhouse, a bed in the dorm, luxurious geodesic domes.

Cost: A bed in the dorm room costs Rs 600, a private room costs Rs 1600 and the geodesic domes cost Rs 5000 per night for two.

Introducing glamping in Uttarakhand, Hushnest Retreats aims to give you an opportunity to get closer to nature like never before. With beautiful, luxurious tents set up in Sankiya in Mukteshwar, Hushnest Retreats is sure to redefine the way you look at camping. Their tents named Abra and Cadabra overlook snow-capped peaks and the valley. The tents are tastefully done up, so much so that you'll feel like you've entered the world of Pinterest!

Winter highlight: There's a hammock in the common area where you can enjoy a book under the crispy winter sun.

Type of accommodation: Luxurious tents

Cost: Rs 2200 (including breakfast) per night for one.

NotOnMaps is renowned for bringing secluded destinations to the forefront. They aim to offer unique escapes to travellers as well as promote local culture and sustainable travel. Their Mystic Village in Khajjiar is an ideal pick if you want to spend your winter steeped deep in beauty and meaningful travel.

Winter highlight: During winter, the village turns into a magical wonderland with no crowds and a lot of snow!

Type of accommodation: Standard room, large room and family room

Cost: Rs 2200 onwards

This one's for those of you who don't want to venture too high up in the mountains to enjoy the chilly winter. Tucked amidst the hills of Dehradun, Vanzara is one of the most gorgeous homes situated within a forest! A palatial home that is away from the maddening crowds of Dehradun and Mussoorie, Vanzara offers a retreat that will give you utmost peace and solitude. More than anything, you are sure to fall in love with the unmatched warmth of the hosts.

Winter highlight: As a chilly winter night approaches, enjoy a hot home-made meal, the ultimate comfort food!

Type of accommodation: Forest-facing rooms

Cost: Rs 2500 onwards

Tucked quietly amidst the verdant hills of Banjar, Tirthan Valley, Norwegian Wood Cafe is a newly opened property that will compel you to slow down and appreciate life. Offering you an abode in the lap of nature, Norwegian Wood will bring out the adventurer in you. Hike to the famous Jibhi waterfall, go fishing in the river or explore the many walking trails nearby. Here, you can either stay in their mountain cabin or pitch a tent to fully experience the outdoors.

Winter highlight: Cozy it up in the cabin's attic room for the ultimate winter experience.

Type of accommodation: Tents and cabin

Cost: Rs 1800 (for tent, including breakfast) and Rs 3500 (for a cabin, including breakfast for two)

Situated in Jibhi, Mudhouse Hostels by Experiential Living will give you a taste of living with a community of like-minded travellers. Flung far from all that is commercial, Mudhouse Hostel brings you closer to nature and at the same time, offers modern amenities for you to have a memorable vacation experience. The hostel is ideal for solo travellers, creators and artists since it allows one to go back to their roots and rediscover the true essence of happiness, love and belonging.

Winter highlight: Jibhi receives immense snowfall every year, so you must head here during the peak of winter. If you're an adventure enthusiast, then you must also try hiking or driving to Jalori Pass in the snow!

Type of accommodation: Beds in dormitories

Cost: Rs 750 onwards

Now that I've helped you with a list of some of the best properties that offer brilliant views and are easy on the pocket, there's no reason for you to stay back on the plains this winter! Head out for a weekend getaway and have a winter that you will never forget.

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