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Photo of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India by Ajmira

Nainital is a place with serene and captivating beauty which makes me nostalgic. I am very fond of my childhood memories over there. I remember the first time I visited Nainital was because of school trip and since then many times with my parents. In the urge of walking down the memory lane I took my friend along this time for an impromptu trip.

Photo of Nainital - Getaway From Delhi by Ajmira

The best part is travelling to Nanital is absolutely hastle free. It is better to take the early morning Shatabadi that reaches Kathgodam maximum by 12.00pm which leaves from Delhi at 6:30 am. Once you reach there, you will be surrounded by cab drivers. Shared cabs are way cheaper but one can always go for booking the cab entirely to themselves. Our driver Vijay Singh (9412362013) was really good so I am mentioning his number incase you need it. The cleanliness of the train was worth appreciating. Ours was a two day trip, so we didn't plan much. All we hoped for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Photo of Nainital - Getaway From Delhi by Ajmira

Although Nainital offers a variety of option such as going to the tiffin top, trek to Pangot, echo caves and ropeway, we didn't want to make this trip a hectic one for us since we have already been there a couple of times. The first evening we went for boating in the Nainital lake. The lake is surrounded by trees and hills from all sides. This mesmerising view just makes me want to soak my self in nature.

Photo of Nainital - Getaway From Delhi by Ajmira

On the other side of the lake is a Tibetan market that we explored after boating. The market was absolutely stunning. The market showcases the culture and art of Tibet, that is worth seeing. The next morning we went for a hike towards Pangot that was arranged by our Resort. It seemed that the beauty of nature was at it's peak. With a dense canopy of pine and fir trees, there were unique species of birds and monkeys.

The Naini peak is the highest. Its is a lust green forest path and offers a splendid bird's eye view. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who love to go on long walks and enjoy the scenic beauty. Moreover it is a bliss when you have a great company which of course I had. The air is so fresh and one can witness the beauty of the Himalayas . The first day the weather was really pleasant and cool and temperature was 11 degrees. But the next day when the temperature came down to 5 degrees, it got really chilly.

Photo of Nainital - Getaway From Delhi by Ajmira

Since Nanital is a place visited every now and then by one and all one must wisely choose the time. We chose to travel on off season and on week days to avoid the overcrowded roads. One disappointing thing about nainital was its food. we walked into Sakleys and had the worst Pizza ever. The base was uncooked and cheese stinky. We had to hunt a great deal for good Momos or a Maggi place. We were really thankful that our resort ( Shervani Hilltop Resort) had really yummy food.

Photo of Nainital - Getaway From Delhi by Ajmira

I was startled to see the sub standard quality of street food which was not the same before. On our way back to Kath Godam, our driver insisted us to stop by a dhaba where we got the best desi mutton. The flavours were exotic and we had not tasted anything like that before. All in all the mountaineous beauty of Nainital is worth cherishing and keeps on echoing even after we leave that place.

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