A grand affair with the kings of India – Jaipur, Rajasthan

19th Nov 2015

Travelling – this one word which can instantly light up my face in a second. Travel for me is not just going as tourist to places, to enjoy, spend some money and return. For me travelling is all about discovering myself, learning about the culture, the food and the people. Sadly, coming from a family filled with work-a-holics I haven't travelled much.

But i would trade a kidney of mine if i got an opportunity to travel, with no constrains. So, although I didn't have much opportunities to travel, my mom had been merciful enough to take me on a trip to Rajasthan. Here is the thing about me, when I travel to a new place, I don't like posing for pictures. I am more into the learning, the exploring and not to forget the eating. Rajasthan, as the name indicates is historic state, with forts all across its stretch. Since this was a scheduled trip, we had to go according to the time mentioned in the schedule of the trip. Oops, did i mention that before coming to Rajasthan, I was horribly sick, since the food served in the train wasn't good. You got it, it wasn't a great start. The weather of Rajasthan is something which will prevent you from enjoying the trip to the maximum. To add to its sadness, i was travelling with a group of tourists consisting of middle-aged couples, their noisy kids, and some very serious looking aunties and uncles. Nobody would talk! every time i tried to talk to someone, say a cute guy, my mom would be like " beta,do not talk to strangers". A true traveller is one who ,inspite the odds, makes the best of a trip and i was no less. I was enchanted to see the legendary forts, the palaces, the extravagant riches of forts like the Amber fort. Another thing which startled me the most was the architecture of these forts. we are talking of centuries ago,when man had no modern inventions. yet, that was no limitation to his splendid craftsmanship,his ideas and lot more. They also had amazing ways to see to it that the royal families, get to enjoy cool air, with their then created air -conditioners. The food was a treat to the taste buds. with various dishes like, ghatte ki sabzi and their spicy pickles, i can truly say that this foodie's ever growling tummy was satisfied. The stories of the kings, the ancient culture and the intelligence of our ancestors,left me so wonder struck that i wished i was born in that time . All in all it was a great trip of learning and enchantment. yes, i definitely do want to go back to rajasthan,but not on a scheduled trip, but as lover of travel,who wishes to seek herself and the uniqueness each place has to offer to me.