A trip to Rajasthan

3rd Jan 2019
Day 1

To the land of ‘ Kings ‘ - Rajasthan, Rajasthan is truely a state of contrasts and Rajasthan reflects that. From the desert to the holy lake, one thing that is hard to hold for the first time visitors is the size of the place, I was blessed enough to have a week to see and explore the place as much as I can. However, one week time wasn't enough for me to get all the major places, still I visited the few good places, like, Udaipur.

I was happy to find that the well developed tourism infrastructure is matched to the gradual appearance of eco-friendly options, whereas more than that, the options which attracts the visitors is the culture of Rajasthan, which is beyond the next level, Which according to me, is the another option to travel the Rajasthan.

The places I visited are Jaipur and Udaipur -

Jaipur, is the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is also, known as ‘ pink City ‘ and it's a wonderful place to visit once in a while, Jaipur, according to my experience is mainly known as for the shopping as it's have loads and loads of beautiful things according to their traditional.

I met a guy, Sardar Ranjit Singh, who owns a traditional jutti ( footwear ) shop, and has been working for 40 years, he was happy to be photographed and laughed while he shared about his beautiful experience of city and how he he'd been here.

Here's a glimpse of my trip to Jaipur, and very own Sardar Ranjit Singh. Also, do you believe the melancholy and kindness of the strangers while having conversation with them? Because personally I do!

Do let me know your opinion?

Next visit of my trip is Udaipur,

The city of love and the same time lake, Udaipur is the most visited tourist spot, but I believe, I got lucky as the crowds were elsewhere. The city is situated around the lake with all the facilities like hotels, buildings, restaurant and other traveling agency.

My basic experience is watching the morning mist clear over the mountains beyond the lake. The best advice when you visit the place is to, get up early for some moments of solitude and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

The things to do in Udaipur -

Boat trips, the city palace arranges boat trips from grounds, but the best option is to go yourself to the Lal ghat, and book it yourself from where it's operates.

The city palace, best time is to explore the place before 09:30 a.m as there's not but people, later in the day it's like pretty much people and you couldn't explore it as you could.

Getting around Rajasthan,

Most of the Rajasthan is connected to Delhi and other parts of the Northwest of India by railway. It hardly takes 7-8 hrs through bus.

The bus of India tend to be less comfortable than the train, but we Indians have the advantage of booking them in the last minute, ( with trains it's not possible )

P.s Not a traveller, still I tried to conclude my basic experience of the trip, so, this my first Blog, hope you all will like it and go and visit the Rajasthan, what you waiting for?

And do let me know your experience.

And the below mentioned pictures are mine.

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Photo of A trip to Rajasthan by Karan Sharma
Photo of A trip to Rajasthan by Karan Sharma