My first bird watching experience at Okhla Bird Sanctuary

5th Jan 2019
Photo of My first bird watching experience at Okhla Bird Sanctuary by Himani Rawat

Hi All, It's my first experience of bird watching which i am sharing. Never thought of bird watching can be of so much fun and delight. Not sure about how many of you have experienced it before but for me it was first experience. I never thought of what would it be like. This is something new i have started to explore now. On Sunday we decided to visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary. We were not sure on how we can reach there by metro so we googled and it shows nearest metro station as Botanical Garden. So we thought of taking the magenta line which goes to Botanical Garden from Janakpuri West. While we were traveling, we saw that they also have a metro station named as Okhla Bird Sanctuary. So we planned to get down at Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro station, as Botanical garden is too far from the sanctuary. We went down and asked people for direction no one knows about the place and we got lost finding were we have to go, than we took google help. As usual it shows the longest way and to cut that down we jumped over the highway wall and got to the adjacent road to make our distance shorter. In case if you like to visit it's just opposite to metro station. Once you exit from metro, there is a over bridge which helps you to get to the other side of the highway, which is way closure to the sanctuary.

It took us approx 1 hour to reach to the bird sanctuary. We was not sure whether we would see birds, as it's right next to the highway. We entered into the sanctuary at about 12 pm approx, ticket price are Rs 20 for adult and 500 for camera. It's a bird sanctuary at the Okhla barrage over river Yamuna. The total area of the sanctuary is 3.5 square kms. It's a heaven for over 300 bird species, specially for waterbirds. Not sure of how many we have saw but we have posted the images on Instagram. Below is the link, please checkout:

We were surprised to see so many birds. As far as you see, there were birds all around. There were so many ducks and other kind of birds like herons, kingfisher, cormorant, parrots, gull and etc. They were uncountable, so beautiful and amazing it was watching them. Fishing, flying around and than diving in, catching fish and in evening drying their wings. We saw a kingfisher diving and catching fish. There she is, such a beauty and amazing thing to know about them is they do it to impress the other gender by offering fish.

So, it was almost dawn time when we left from there, also there are two watch towers from were you can have a great view. I never thought bird watching would be an amazing experience. I have never seen so many birds in real. We visited in January, it was foggy and difficult to take good pictures. So if you want to go for a photography purpose, you can choose to go on sunny day or may be by the end of January or starting February. I loved bird watching and planning to go to Bharatpur bird sanctuary, will share my experience soon.