Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

14th Nov 2015

Sometimes a plan can go soo wrong. This was one such plan. We started at around 7 am from Gurgaon (own vehicle) and reached Bharatpur at around 11.

The park has a big and spacious parking, Clean facilities and decent canteen. Since the park is very big, so cycle rickshaws and bicycles are available on hourly rent to explore the park.

We  hired a cycle rickshaw on hourly basis and started the tour. For initial 1 km it was really disappointing as we did not see even a single bird. 
Moreover my daughter wanted to walk and run around instead of sitting in a cycle rickshaw. 
But we were trying to spot birds so could not let the kid run around for long , so just sat in the cycle rickshaw. After around a km, we started seeing some water and then a flock of different birds sleeping on trees inside the water body. 
The view was beautiful with all types of  cranes , storks and other birds. The colors and variety of the birds was amazing. But for my 2 year old kid, it was just a  bird, some big some small. After an hour or so, my daughter lost interest and started getting cranky. 

At one of the temples within the premises,  we were supposed to see deers and turtles but could not see any. Since it was afternoon and birds and animals preffered to hide in their homes instead of running around. 
We took a halt at canteen within the premises and enjoyed our lunch (we had our own packed Lunch ) with some tea from here. The canteen has tea, cold drinks, chips etc... But if you want a real lunch, better get it from home. 
The best thing here was sitting in the park and enjoying lunch with so many squirrels and some small birds that kept coming. 

We again boarded our cycle rickshaw but not to proceed any further but to return back. Since it was already 3 hours and none of us  had any more enthusiasm to keep exploring. 
We started on the way back to home..... 

Mistakes that we made and you can avoid to actually enjoy the place:
1. Reach the place early morning to see the maximum birds , at least avoid afternoons. 
2. Hire a guide if you are serious about bird viewing. 
3. Take a bicycle to get involved instead of just sitting on a rickshaw 
4. Don't take a very small kid as they may get bored if they don't understand the purpose of visiting a bird park