Jaipur – The King of good times

30th Dec 2020
Photo of Jaipur – The King of good times by Aadit Jain

The land of maharajas with multiple maharanis is surely a good time!

When you step into Jaipur during the winter season, you’ll be welcomed with brazen cold winds putting your entire body into a chill zone but at the same time, the sharp sun rays will try and burn your skin as well. In the night, your wanderlust with the moon will begin, the big, bold, and beautiful piece of the celestial body which covers a significant part of the Jaipur night sky.

Jaipur in Rajasthan has a very strong welcoming culture wherein people will be eager to address your needs and make you feel comfortable. Choose the people you want to be comfortable with wisely or else you’ll simply be a victim to quid pro quo (not in a good way). For example - A chatty taxi driver guiding you throughout the place will simply expect you to tip him well, which isn’t the problem but if you don’t tip him or less, he might get aggressive with you on the pretext of his guidance towards you.

The beautiful language of Marwadi is the local language and you’ll see almost everyone conversing in the same. Hindi-speaking folks can grasp a few words and manage to understand the language otherwise it will be an alien language to all. Nonetheless, plenty of taxi drivers learn the English language to impress and connect with the incoming foreign tourists who form a significant part of the tourism industry in Jaipur.

Jaipur has been adorned with three forts during its historical period –

a) Nahargarh

b) Jaigarh and

c) Amer fort

Nahargarh has the best city view and has been a host to shoot of Bollywood films like Rang De Basanti. The city view is just fantastic as you’ll see colorful rooftops across with large open skies. The domes on the terraces have a wonderful symmetry which is seen throughout the walls of the fort. You’ll find a government person with a telescope on one of its terraces showing you the Jantar Mantar (i.e The Telescopic Hub of Old India) in the middle of the city. Amer Fort is the most significant out of the lot. A beautiful Jal Mahal amidst the lake is seen on the way to the forts. Boating and visiting are barred as of now but they say it has some beautiful structures between its walls and parts of the palace below the water as well.

Food in Jaipur is lip-smacking, always try the authentic local food i.e Rajasthani thaalis. Dal – Baati, roti, sabzi with extra ghee/oil and sweets for deserts, “yeh nahi khaaya toh kya khaaya”. Onion Kachori is to die for here, one of the best in India, and a huge shoutout to Rawat ki Kachori (besides the Railway station) as his kachoris are simply a class apart from the rest and do try kachori with kadi a different delicacy.

Jaipur also called Pink City has a planned community of residences and shops in the heart of the city which gives a pale pinkish look. It is beautiful to drive by and view all these modern establishments in old heritage colors. The government has slyly maintained the authenticity of the Pink City as only shops on the Main Road are strictly asked not to repaint the front walls. If one takes a peek inside the streets next to the shops on the main road, they’ll find the regular setting. Hawa Mahal, the glorified historical place is overlooked as the government has failed to give it exclusivity and it is simply disguised between the shops in the market.

All in all, Jaipur is truly a tourist destination with a lot to offer from its local culture. Go and live the magic!