Night in Rajasthan on multiple stains #ShadyHotel

10th Oct 2019
Day 1

A day in jaipur 2019
I was there in jaipur with my girlfriend,

As mentioned that, from receptionist to bed sheets. The same I'll share.
I don't know why people judge a couple or a boy with girl in india with a negative vision.
why ?
Don't a couple has a right to travel,is it necessary that, they have to get married first.

The moment i entered the hotel, they were looking at my face continuously,like i am a bomber and they know me They scan the couple.
Try to notice the activity, and gossip in themselves that, these people going to have so much fun today.What is this man ?

Now to bed sheets.

It was in a worst condition,gravy stain, complete unwashed.still the next day when i asked them for check out,one of them went to my room to check the broadsheet,and brought it down it down to reception counter and opened in front of the manager and said "sir,see"

....Manager to me,,

I to them,
bc,,dimag kharab hai kya tum logo ka,sb mere pe hi pare ho..
salo ye pehele se tha.Pagal mt kro.

But at the end they won in the argue though i didn't wanted to waste my time and paid them the charge for dry clean.