The temple of Meera Bai #hiddengemsinIndia

13th Jan 2023
Day 1

Built in 1600 AD by the king Sawai Maan Singh in the memory of his son Jagat Singh, this temple located in Amer, Rajastan is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the devotee Meera Bai.

The temple contains a statue of Lord Shri Krishna which is believed to be the same statue that Meera Bai worshipped in the State of Mewar. This idol was saved from being destroyed during the Mughal attack on Mewar by Amer rulers & was brought to Amer. And for that very reason it is also known as Meera Bai temple.

The striking architectural elements of the temple are a blend of different architectural styles taking inspiration from Mughal, Jain, and Hindu, Mughal ones. At the entrance of the temple, you will come across a beautiful marble archway which is being guarded by two marble elephants. Surprisingly, the archway and the elephants have been carved from a single piece of stone.

The temple is connected to the Amer Palace having two entrances, where the first one leads you to the Palace and the other one leads you to the Amer town. This temple was built beside the courtyard of the Amer palace in a way so that the queen could easily visit the temple anytime.

Whenever you plan to visit Jaipur, explore the streets of Amer with a visit to this divine place.

Timings:  06:00 AM to 01:00 PM;  04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Photo of Shri Jagat Shiromani ji Temple by Amit Singla