Top 4 Haunted Places In Rajasthan You Need To Avoid 


Don't Visit This Place At Night .  Image by safran7 from Pixabay 

Photo of Top 4 Haunted Places In Rajasthan You Need To Avoid by Aditya Mohanty

WARNING : This post do not support any black magic or any kind of Taboo . This post is based on my internet research .

I know most of you guys love horror movies generally you like the location but do you ever imagine to visit a place where this happen in reality if not then this post is for you . If you are a travel blogger and want to create an amazing horror vlog for your audience then this place can help you to do that but I am not responsible if any injuries happen you there after visiting that place . Rajasthan which is famous for his culture , tradition and beauty is also famous for real haunted incidents .

1. Bhangarh Fort -

Travelers are not allowed to go here in the night this is a official order from government . One of the episode of " fear files " is dedicated to this haunted place . The local peoples always heard many horror sound coming from this fort and most of the people also said that here some Aghoris also perform black magic . If you want to visit this fort then please don't go solo at night specially . This place has also been declared as the "legally haunted " site .

2. Rana Kumbha Palace -

Rana Kumbha is a heritage place situated near Vijay Stambh inside the Chittorgarh fort complex . Based on my internet research many paranormal activities already happened here . Some people know this place for a great architect and some for haunted incidents .

3. Kuldhara Village -

I know some of you people might know about this place . Kuldhara village is known as the one of the most haunted places in India . The movie "Kaalo" was based on this . Here many paranormal incident occur and this was proven by Gaurav Tiwari who is an paranormal expert but he is no more .I know some of you people might know about this place . The local people of that place never dare to see the village in night . The paranormal society team of India also recorded the voice of the dead villagers by the use of detectors and ghost-box . And some travelers also reported that they get scratches in their car after visiting that place .

4. Jal Mahal -

Jal Mahal is one of the most beautiful place in Rajasthan but also known for spooky incidents that happened here . The 5-storey palace is built in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake and has its 4-stories submerged in the water . It is said that no one goes to this place after dark as people have heard strange screams from the palace.

And here the list end . After reading this post most of the people will say that they don't believe in all this thing so it's all on you but if you want to believe then believe but if you not want to the no need to believe . Whatever your answer but my suggestion for you guys is don't take any crazy step while visiting this places .