5 days to see Singapore

23rd Jul 2015
Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 1/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)
universal studio
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Jurassic park
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spices entrance
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water world
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sea world
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safari ride train
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boo night safari
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Singapore China Town
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Little India For Indians
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Gardens At Bay
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Marine Bay
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Day 1
Singapore a modern city is the island country of southeast Asia. The word Singapore is derived from Malay word singapura. Singapore reminds me of tall buildings and neatness everywhere. It reminds me of law and order. Safety was felt in Singapore air. After immigration we proceeded to Lavender Hotel, our place of stay. This hotel has small, compact rooms and it is much nearer to MRTS station. 
Day 1
Universal studio was the agenda for the day. After purchasing combo tickets we entered the studio. 
1st game Madagascar, ship ride game. The ride inside the cave was chilling. The voice that welcomed us, the chill water, the lighting effects and finally the Foosa that passed looking at us.
2nd game, SHREK, the subtle portrayal of romance between husband and wife. The villain entrance, the kidnapping and the rescuing method. The effects, the rotation of chairs, the story was well portrayed.
3rd game, THE MUMMIES, the best ever played game. The ride through the pyramids, was thrilling. After a small ride, the vehicle rides, 15mts, in reverse. The fire, the heads of mummies flashing then and there, the eerie atmosphere, I can go on
4th game, JURASSIC PARK, ride the major attraction of universal studio. This ride was on a boat, that takes us to the dinosaur, which just pushes the boat at the end on the water. Scary is all I would mention.
THE LIGHT AND SOUND theatre by STEVEN SPIELBERG. The exact effect, sound behind an action scene, natural calamity scene, the effects and the sound used, is not only said, but practically portrayed.
The Times Square is same as in London. The transformers ride is amazing, roller coaster ride scary, New York street, a glimpse of how New York is, the rail ride by all actors and actresses look alike throughout the studios, is amazing to watch. 
Finally the Marliyn Monroe look alike, the cartoon characters moving here and there, the Oscar awards personally provided as Best Friend, Best Sister and more, finishes the full universal studio. 
A day is required to roam around. Wear sports shoes and be ready to walk. Buy one bottle water for each, keep refilling everywhere. On the whole enjoy, smile and be at peace.  
Mummies universal
Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 16/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)
Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 17/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries) with Marliyn Monroe look alike at universal

Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 18/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)  Universal



 Day 2 we started at universal studio but the other half sea aquarium visit. After a heavy breakfast, much prepared than the previous day with full energy we turned towards aquarium side. The entrance had a big old ship that welcomed us to the world of spices from every country. Alphabetical order the boards and divisions were made. Every country speciality, their religion, capital, culture along with that countries famous spice is mentioned. One has to go via this section to see the aquarium section.

Aquarium world-ocean world, the most loveliest world one can see. The variety of fishes, jelly fishes, sea animals, the colorful plants, the aquatic plants, is portrayed so well, that those who don't know the ocean world can visualise. We crossed from section to section, saw and registered as many sea creatures as possible. The final the completion of this aquarium world finishes at a big live ocean. Sitting one can just watch the fishes for hours. Do keep a separate day for aquarium and water park visit.

Day 2 night we visited Night Safari Adventure. Showing passports one gets easy tickets at a discount. We saw a jungle dance by men with drums and trumpets. We proceeded further to the amphi theatre. The performance by animals giving a message, "keep city clean" is mind blowing. After a light dinner, in the jungle, we got into the night ride. The air was chill and the ride was great. Many animals came to our eye vision. The completion of the ride seeing a Malayan tiger just for few seconds gave a satisfaction that adventure is mind blowing. 

Having proper diet, carrying water will give a traveller energy to see Singapore in 5days.Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 19/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)
Aquarium world other half of sentosa.

Day 3

 Day 3 was shopping at China Town. Using the MRTS train one could just reach China town in no time. Getting up and down train pass, the train makes you comfortable. China town is more of China. The structure buildings tells, you are in China, shopping. We went from shop to shop. Small items, like, owns, pen stand, stationary Items, purses, hand bags, fridge magnets, key chains, cigarette stand, what not. Two hours, with water bottle and umbrella will make your shopping great. You never know when it will rain. From there we took another train and got down at Little India

A place for Indians and Indian food. From there we proceeded to Grand Merilion. Boating wasn't possible for it was too hot, but pleasant enough to walk and sit around. We got into the marine bay mall. From the top floor the view is beyond words. We took a train to lavender street and got back to our hotel to sleep. 

Evening we reached Marine bay, saw the sound and light show near the river. The projector, the rays, the small documentary, makes one wonder how much technology has improved. From there we walked to the Garden if bays. A long walk, we went via sky walk from one building to another, saw the gardens, the tree light sound show, came down the building via the casino and got a train to Lavender street. 

Always carry your sports shoes, be prepared to walk miles and miles. Don't forget to do stretch exercises, eat food and drink enough water, to avoid being sick. Day 3ended.Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 20/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries) Grand Merilion. Pride of Singapore.


Day 4 and 5

The day we arrived was the first day. My husbands colleagues resided in Singapore. We had been to their house and spent the evening with them. I have written day 1 from next day. We got ready for our departure to Malaysia

We had heavy breakfast at komalas. Since our flight was in the afternoon, we decided to roam lavender street and the hotel. However one goes round about way you are in front of the hotel. Mustafa center, was our outing on day 5. I must say a center that reminds one of their own homes. What is not there, everything is available. From floor one to floor five we roamed, purchased minimum. It was near Little India, which was walkable distance from Lavender hotel. 

Our time to leave came. We bid goodbye, settled bills and proceeded towards Malaysia. Singapore will denote cleanliness, modernity, goal orientation, law and order in my mind. To travel, wear sports shoes, make your itinery ready in advance, come to sight see finishing your stretch exercises. But don't forget to enjoy and make peace within yourself.  
The End.Photo of 5 days to see Singapore 21/21 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries) lavender street.