Singapore an Embodiment of Superlatives

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Singapore Skyline
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Marina Bay Sands-Singapore's Iconic Structure
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Garden's by Bay
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Jurong Bird park
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Universal Studio
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Cloud Forest-Garden's by Bay
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Flamingo Lake-Jurong Bird Park
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Travelling to a distant land especially to visit your relative is an exciting experience .It was much exhilarating experience as it was my first international stopover.Singapore is an picturesque city with full of captivating sights and leaves one spell bound.Singapore was my abode for one week.The entire itinerary was thoughtfully planned by my cousin sister(Pushpa Arvind) with the appropriate details and guidance my trip was a successful one.

My visit to Singapore was an splendid and memorable one.Given a word to describe Singapore was its an well organized city I was simply bowled over by its extremely tidiness,beautiful skyscrapers overlooking the sea,promenades, man made Conservatory it’s a complete package for all the young and the old.

A Heritage walk in China Town

My tube odyssey began to china town.China town is Singapore legendary town its bustling mix of old and new filled with conventional and evening markets with distinctly Chinese cultural elements.

Little India-Culturally Authentic District of Singapore

As the name suggests its Singapore's foremost Indian enclave.As I set foot in I could hear the cacophony of car horns,bicycle bells and vibrant chatter of its inhabitants.

Mariamman Temple

Its one of the oldest places of worship in Singapore for the Hindus.The temple is always abuzz with rituals and cultural activities.I was holding my breath and just took seat back and was gazing at the opulently decorated temple.

Mustafa Centre

No trip would be complete without a drop into the round the clock Mustafa center located on the Syed Alwi road in Little India it not be as fancy as some of Singapore's other malls but it has a great range of items to offer for the shopaholics.

Sentosa-Island of Fun

I set-off to sentosa from the harbour-front station through the cable car. Sentosa its an island of fun and with various themed attractions,sandy beaches and resort accommodations.The various attractions in sentosa Sentosa Merlion,Tiger sky tower,fort Siloso,Sea Aquarium and Universal Studio.Visit to sentosa is not complete without going to the skyline luge the sky ride is an hair-raising experience sky ride gives a panoramic view of the island.Ended our day at Sentosa with the outdoor night show set against the majestic open sea .I was completely mesmerized by the multisensory presentation of water display,laser show,fire effects and spectacular music it was truly an magical experience.

Singapore Cable car

It gives you an aerial overview of the island and Singapore skyline.One can get to Sentosa by cable car,sentosa broad walk and by Sentosa express.The views are amazing and the enclosed cable car is very safe.The cable car was an magical experience.

Sea Aquarium

Its an ocenarium on the offshore Singaporean island of Sentosa.The oceanarium is home to more than 2500 marine animals of various species from different regions of the world.

Universal Studio-Asia's largest themed Park

Universal Studio's is the latest addition and one of the most frequently visited tour attractions in Singapore.The park has seven themed sections with numerous rides and shows all related to eminent hit movies.Never miss the transformer ride.

Garden's by the Bay

The Garden's by the bay is an exclusive master piece which truly cements Singapore as as premier garden city.It features two state of art conservatories,the cloud forest and the flower dome with various themed gardens and super trees concrete pillars with a living skin embedded with photo voltaic cells. It's visual treat to the eyes to see the numerous varieties of orchids and flowers.

Clarke Quay

It's the place filled with liveliness and it's Singapore's choicest dining and entertainment destination housing restaurants,cafes,jazz clubs and much more.The fountain at Clarke quay which grooves to the mood of music attracts many people.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore zoo formerly known as the Singapore zoological gardens and locally called as the Mandai zoo is known for having the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats.The Zoo shows are must see for both young and old.The shows are truly incredible and a marvel to see capabilities of animals.

Jurong bird park-Paradise of Aves

This is Asia's largest bird park with more than 5000 birds with around 380 species its an open-concept park.One can take hop on board guided trams or take a leisurely stroll around the park and explore the lush jungles.It was an colourful paradise with unforgettable experience with the feathered friends.The bird shows are a must see with an entertaining line up of shows throughout the day the pelican chit chat at the pelican cove,the high flyers show at the pools amphitheater,Kings of the skies at the Hawk arena left me to marvel at the abilities of the winged beings.

Merlion Park

The Merlion which depicts a creature with a lion head and a body of a fish is used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore.The lion head represents Singapore's original name-Singapura meaning lion city.It's a landmark of Singapore at the central business district with the splendid views of the entire Marina Bay area and its a fantastic spot to experience the impressive laser show from the Marina Bay Sands.

Sultan Mosque

The Masjid sultan or the sultan mosque is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore is located at the Muscat street.

Bugis Street

Its yet another sprawling shopping centre which is ideal for shopping,dining and lot of souvenirs.

Marina Bay Sands

Its the Singapore's Iconic and epic structure located along the Marina bay-water front is an landmark which possess a distinct identity.Entry to the general public is open to atop the building one has to shell out few dollars to take the breath taking views of the whole city atop the 57 storey building.

Few Snippets from my personal experience.

Singapore can be best explored by using the MRT'S and the LRT'S.

Another best feature as tourist to Singapore is the GST Refund

One can claim a refund on the 7% goods and services tax(GST)paid on your purchases made at participating retail shops before you leave Singapore.

Note:-GST refund is applicable for purchases above SGD 100.

One can claim for the refund in Changi Airport.

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