Refreshingly Sri Lanka

Photo of Refreshingly Sri Lanka 1/1 by Neha Menezes

I am a foodie with passion for travel and i own an ambitious passport. Hence, believe travel plus food is an exquisite combination and so was my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

The tour included relaxing massages, gorgeous landscape, beautiful roads with insane traffic, serene rivers, alluring beaches, mouth watering cuisine that tantalize your taste buds and true to its words Srilankans are extremely hospitable, modest and eager to help.

Through out my trip i loaded myself with amazing buffets of different culinary styles. Also went to a killer crab lovers hub called "Ministry of Crab" which served the most succulent crabs from 1/2 a kilo to the ginormous size. Not to forget the chilled Elephant house ginger beer referred as EGB, best compliments the food served there.

An add on to your list of "Must do's in Sri Lanka" is the white water rafting in Kitulgala. The river, sun and the mesmerizing surroundings capture all your senses. This indeed is my new found love.

Sri Lanka was truly a delightful experience, I did not expect it to be this fascinating. It is now in my list of countries to be revisited. I definitely encourage you to add it to your bucket list. It will blow your Mind!

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