Madhurai-Rameshwaram Trip

10th Mar 2013

The trip was planned due to unexpected official work at Ramanathapuram Dist, Tamil Nadu. We (me and my boss) were accommodated at Madhurai in a company booked hotel. We went to visit Naripayyur where we completed our official work. Then we took a cab to Rameshwaram and he had charged Rs 10 per km and it was 100km away. It was Mahashivaratri, so we couldn't let the chance to slip away. The road trip was awesome as we went past a huge wind turbine field and crossed green fields. As we reached Pamban bridge the view was so scenic; we could see only one railway track seems floating on sea. We took some pics and we reached the main island, what we could smell is only that of dried fish. Then as we reached the temple area, it was little  comfortable.  We entered the temple and completed the ritual of drinking water from more than 20 well inside it. Each well was different from other in taste or color. After visiting the main deity, we went to the beach although we couldn't visit Danushkodi we spent a our little time there as we had to return Madhurai by night.The next day we visited, Menakshi Amman temple. The noticeable thing about it is its huge Gopuram. It felt like it was extending to heaven worlds above. And the temple is also much larger than the Rameshwaram. Getting blessed by the mighty elephant of Amman is the most adventurous thing I did in the entire trip. Overall it was a memorable trip as it was one of my unplanned trips.