On an unknown road

29th Dec 2018
Day 1

Me and my friend Jay started towards Kikkeri in Mandya by his 'Himalaya' at 4 a.m.
We reached Kikkeri by 8 a.m. It was freezing cold. We hadn't decided any destination. Roughly had thought that will go towards Chikkamagalur. In Kikkeri we decided to go towards Mysore and on the way to visit Srirangapattana and Melukote. By the time we left Melukote we had changed mind to skip Srirangapattana and head towards Ooty.
Had Mutton for lunch in a Military hotel. Bought a tent in Mysore decathlon.
The way to Ooty was beautiful. We have to cross Bannerghatta National Park to reach Ooty. It was already 6 p.m. when we were crossing Bannerghatta. We could spot peacocks, elephants, deers on the way.
By the time we reached Ooty it was 8 p.m already. And chilling cold. As we didn't have much budget for this trip we were searching for places to pitch our tent. The bad part was it was freezing and we didn't have any blankets to sustain cold in tent.
We decided to take help from residents of Ooty. Knocked several doors. Few were ready to help us if we would have come earlier. Nobody trusted us to give us some place in their house compound to pitch the tent.
One suggested to go to Aventura which provides tents to sleep.
We reached Aventura in dark, missed the road several times. Still managed to find the place. But rates were high. Finally he accepted to give us some discount and after all this adventure what we needed was a place to sleep with blankets. We agreed for the deal.

Day 2

In the morning when  we got up we got to know that the place where we were is a heaven. The place was surrounded by hills and tea plantations. Full of mist.
It was beautiful.
The owner of the place was so generous to offer a cup of coffee. May be he was impressed by us or don't  know what. But sometimes small gestures like this fills your heart.
We headed back to Bangalore without roaming much in Ooty as some urgent work came up.