Tiruppur -Coimbatore- Ooty

Photo of Tiruppur -Coimbatore- Ooty 1/4 by Radhika Narasimhan
Photo of Tiruppur -Coimbatore- Ooty 2/4 by Radhika Narasimhan
Photo of Tiruppur -Coimbatore- Ooty 3/4 by Radhika Narasimhan
Photo of Tiruppur -Coimbatore- Ooty 4/4 by Radhika Narasimhan

Once from chennai, we travelled on Kongunadu Trail, for 10days. With time constraint we covered 3 places. Tiruppur-Coimbatore-Ooty and back to chennai. We spent 3days at each place. We reached the destinations by night trains and started visiting the place from next day. The most unforgettable journey in my life.

TIRUPPUR -located on the banks of Noyyal river, it is a famous city in the Kongu Nadu region of Tamilnadu. It was ruled by Cheras during sangam period. This city is famous for small owners of various textiles. It is known as the cotton belt of South South India.Tropical climate prevails all through Tiruppur. Best time to visit-October to February. Days required to see full of Tiruppur -3-4 days.

point of interest -

Thirumoorthy hills - located near Thirumoorthy Dam, Thirumoorthy temple is worshipped by many.

Kumaran Memorial Statue - This statue is depicted in honour of Freedom Fighter Kumaran. It is situated near Tirupur Kumaran Salai.

Mettuparai - A beautiful village, with famous milk oozing need tree, where the milk has healing powers.

Grass Hills - A famous picnic and Trekking spot, covered with flora and fauna. It is also called Evergreen Shola Forest.

Panchlinga Waterfalls - It is located on Palani-Coimbatore highway. Another famous sport for Trekkers.

How to reach Tiruppur - By Air - To fly till Coimbatore airport and then on drive to Tiruppur.

By Car/Bus - it takes 1.5 hours. There are many luxury buses that go daily to Trippur.

By Train - Trippur station is before Coimbatore junction. Many trains stop at Trippur.

Shopping and cuisine - Kongunadu Cuisine is famous in Tirupur. Rice being their staple food is had with

-puli kozhambu-pepper Rasam-chicken-Goat Meat curries and

Tiruppur is famous for Textiles. Banians(half cut inner wear for men), T-shirts are made out of soft cotton and sold at a very nominal price. Knitwear is also sold famously here.

Famous shopping Markets - khadarpet - Gani Market-Rayapuram and Tiruppur Railway station market.


It is known as Kovai, and it is the second largest city in Tamilnadu. It is referred as Manchester of south India. It is a part of Kongunadu, which was ruled by Cheras. Tropical wet and dry climate prevail all through Coimbatore. Best time to visit coimbatore - September to March. Days required to see full of coimbatore - 3-4 days.

How to reach Coimbatore - By air - There are regular flights that connect to Coimbatore from many cities.

By train - Regular trains move up and down from Coimbatore.

By car/Road - Regular buses keep moving. The highway is pleasant to drive for many roadies.

Point of interest

Marudamalai - situated 15kms on the western ghats of Coimbatore this place is full of medicinal herbs. There are stone inscriptions from 12th century. The temple of Idumban, Paambaatti, Siddhar cave, uchi Pillayarpatti temple and pancha vriksham are famous.

siruvani waterfalls - They are called Kovai kutralam falls. They are formed by Siruvani river. The falls have dangerous deep cliffs and bathing is enjoyed by many at the bottom of the falls.

Gass Forest Museum - A natural history museum, related to forestry. It is a 100year old heritage site museum. Apart from wildlife, Timber species collections are famous here.

Dhyanalinga - It is a yogic temple dedicated for meditation, a large ellipsoidal dome was designed and constructed. The lingam is immersed in water. People take a dip before going to the temple. Maha kumbha Mela theme is depicted.

Black Thunder -A water theme park located at Mettupalayam. It offers 49 rides, surf Hill and wild River ride.

Cuisine and shopping- Besides Dosa, Vada, Sambhar and Rasam,

-Kheema Upma and dosa with Prawn Kurma are famous.

-Sudhumpu a dish made out of fish is mouth watering

-Venu Biryani made out of less masala, pepper and coriander is had all through coimbatore

-Chola, Kamba and paneer dosai are famous all through the city

-Ven Pongal,Kootu Kathamba Saadam,Kolu masiyal and Payiru thirattel are famous.

Famous Shopping Markets - Coimbatore is very famous for Textiles besides Handicrafts and artistic metal works.

-Victoria Town -oppanakara street -Old Coimbatore town- Coimbatore city market.

OOTY - It is known as Udhagamandalam the Queen of Hills. It is located in Nilgiri Hills. It was known as Wotokymund. Toda, Kota and Kurumba tribe are the inhabitants of Ooty. Ooty has subtropical highland climate. Ooty is a popular place for Panaromic views, nature and honeymoon couples. The best time to visit Ooty - May-June. Days required to see full of Ooty - 3-4 days are required to see full of Ooty.

How to reach Ooty - By air -To fly till Coimbatore and from there go to Ooty.

By bus/Car - There are luxury buses that travel 3 hours from Coimbatore to Ooty daily.

The ghat section is very pleasantable to drive.

By Train - There are trains up to Mettupalaym. Nilgiri Mountain Trains travel up the hill.

Point of interest -

Doddabetta - It is the highest peak of south India. There is a telescope house that gives full view of Nilgiri ranges. It is 10kms away from Ooty.

Rose garden - It is a 20 acre land, that grows variety breeds of Roses and other flowers too. Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department maintains this garden. It is seen on the slope of elk hills.

Ooty lake - Stretched 2.75 kms this lake was formed by John Sullivan. It is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, and shrubs. In May boat races are organised. Children park and Deer park are located adjacent to the lake.

Mukurthi National Park - It is located on the Nilgiris plateau, spread 78.46km. Nilgiri Tahr is seen all through the park. The flora and fauna add to landscape beauty.

Cuisine and shopping

Multi cuisine food are offered all through Ooty. Besides Indian, Italian, western and chinese

-Mutton, chicken and fish are freshly prepared.

-Sambhar, chutney and Mulaga Podi accompany all dishes.

-Baked items, chocolates, fruit and nut are famous all through the city.

Famous shopping markets

Ooty is famous for, Handmade chocolates, Tea, Aromatic oils and cheese

-Tibetan market-Ooty Market-Main Bazaar-Commercial Road.