Velliangiri Hills Trek: Women are not allowed to trek this mountain

2nd Jan 2019

Velliangiri mountains are one of the most difficult trekking spots.

"Women Between 10 to 50 age are Not allowed". Although you can Pray in the temple but aren't allowed to climb the mountain.

Best time to trek- The trekking season is from February till May every year.

About Trek- Located on the Western Ghats, the hills are a part of the famous Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Velliangiri Hills are considered as the Kailash of the South. The hills are a popular pilgrimage spot as well. Dedicated to Swayambu, which is a form of Lord Shiva, the temple on Velliangiri Hills is a preferred meditation spot for sages, Siddhas, and siddhar. Legend has it that this is temple was where the Lord himself performed a cosmic dance which was requested by Uma Devi, his consort. Of all the festivals, Maha Shivratri is celebrated with much ardor and faith here. The lush hills are a trekker's paradise as they are located at an altitude of 2438 meters, so do carry your walking shoes when you make your way to this picturesque landscape.

Buses are available from Gandhipuram bus stand for every one hour. You can take the bus from Kanchipuram bus stand and reach there in about one hour.

Initially, you can visit the Adhi yogi temple and spend time their for about 2 hours. Then reach at the bottom of the hills via a share auto which costs around Rs.30 Per head. Shops will be available at the bottom of the hill where you can have food and buy the things you missed to carry on.

"Always try to start the trek by night"

That's because you have to trek barefoot, yes barefoot! So it would be really difficult to trek in the daytime as the surface will be very hot. You can very well go with your shoes and slippers on if your purpose is solely trekking. 99% of the people would prefer barefoot as its considered to be a sacred place and they go on to the top of the mountain to worship God.

Things you should know before the trek-

Not even a single plastic material is allowed to carry on the mountain(except water bottle). At the bottom of the mountain, guards will thoroughly check you and even the biscuits covers are not allowed. But.. don’t worry…. they have paper bags, in which all your materials will be transferred and will be returned to you.

Buy a bamboo stick at the bottom of the hill which costs around Rs.20, which will be helpful for you while getting down from the mountain and always have a torchlight with you personally.

A Mountain of a Temple

Photo of Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by Aditya Singh

Velliangiri is famous for the seven hills trek. To complete the first hill it would take 30–45 mins if you trek nonstop, probably one of the hardest hills out of the seven. It will all be steps, steps, and steps. Once you reach the first hill, you would find shops where they sell a lot of eateries and drinks. You can spot similar shops now and then till 5th hill. The second and third hill will be of both steps and plains, comparatively easier than the first one. It would take another 45–60 mins to complete them. The fourth and fifth hill would be mostly plain and you would enjoy walking a bit after all the hard-fought trek climbing up thousands of steps. Will take another 45–60 mins.

Starting point 9:00 in Night

Photo of Velliangiri Hills Trek: Women are not allowed to trek this mountain by Aditya Singh

3rd Hill

Photo of Velliangiri Hills Trek: Women are not allowed to trek this mountain by Aditya Singh

The sixth hill is another hard hurdle, you have to climb down and then up through the hill. It will be very very challenging and difficult. Sixth and seventh are also the most difficult part of the trek. Once you start climbing the seventh hill, you won't feel like stopping even though when your legs hurt so bad. You will feel you have reached the top, but it will take forever to reach. After another 45–60 mins you will reach!

6th Hill

Photo of Velliangiri Hills Trek: Women are not allowed to trek this mountain by Aditya Singh

Yes! Finally, at the top of the hills, you can see god statues, caves, godman's, etc. You can get a blessing from them, donate if you like, sit down, relax, feel good, feel accomplished, feel better and then you can start your trip down the hills.

Finally!!!! Mission Accomplished

Photo of Velliangiri Hills Trek: Women are not allowed to trek this mountain by Aditya Singh

Trust me, you will have a lifetime experience after getting down from the mountain.

Mach's Gut!!!

Happy Travelling!!!

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