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Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan

What to Do in Thailand for 10 Days: A itinerary for a family with kids

Thailand is a land of contrasts, which on one hand soaks in the traditional Buddhist culture and on the other hand is knee deep in Fun and frolic. Where at places you can not even enter if you are not dressed properly there are places where you don't even need your clothes. It's a land of extremes, where everything is possible if only you are willing to go. We wanted to explore both the worlds and hence the plan below. Instead of spending the last 5 days in Krabi and Phuket you can instead go to Koh Samui region and explore the area.

Not to be missed is getting in touch with Northern Thailand and you will thank me later for sure. Overall a very simple to follow itinerary with all activities that you can cover with your family with kids. Dropped some famous landmarks just because it could not be done with Kids. So please go through and let me know you queries in comments below.

Day 1

Bangalore to Bangkok

Arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport, pick a taxi and lie down in your hotel pool, evening take a stroll through night market or do a beer hopping in downtown.

Day 2

Bangkok sightseeing

Get up, get dressed and head for the palace. Don't forget sunscreen and umbrella or Hat, it's scorching heat here

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Abhinav Ranjan

Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha- get up early as the place closes by 12 pm. Madam Tussaud Tales of the sea - Must see if you are with Kids, opt for pre-booking at Klooks.com for some really huge discounts.

Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan

Take a Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai/You can also take an overnight train to Chiang Mai but you will have to book in advance. The journey through Hills is really memorable and worth a shot.

Chiang Mai local sightseeing(temples):

This is one of the best stops of the trip, very nice weather coupled with equally cool vibes of the place. Stay near Night market area for enjoying a leisure stroll after hours.

Walk toward the old city and visit the amazing collection of stupas and temples, all beautifully carved and maintained. I have listed down the must see places below-

Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan
Day 3

Wat Phra Singh


Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Pan Ping

Wat Chiang Man

Wat Pan On

Wat Umong Maha Thera Chan

Night market

Photo of Chiang Mai, Thailand by Abhinav Ranjan

At night do not forget to try in amazing restaurants in the area, many stories are born in the cafes here. I loved the sticky mango rice so much, ended up eating it almost every day after food.

Chiang Rai sightseeing:

Pre-book a cab to head early towards Chiang Rai the sister city of Mai to devour some amazing privately maintained Temples. This place is a rhapsody of colors with some amazing architecture.

Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan
Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan
Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan
Photo of 10 Days offbeat Guide to Thailand with Kid: #thailandoffbeat #ThaiItinerary #beaches by Abhinav Ranjan

Must See Places

Mae Kachan Hot Spring and Geyser

White temple - Wat Rong Khun

Blue Temple - Wat Rong Sueur Ten

Black temple - Baandam Museum Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan

Chiang Mai to Koh Lanta

Day 5

Add 1 more day in Chiang Mai if you have time to visit Tiger Park and Elephant Park along with a trip to Doi Suthep for an amazing view of the city in Chiang Mai. We couldn't but would love to come back once more to this beautiful city. After Sun its time for Water, head to paradise in Koh Lanta, you could also choose Koh Mood or Lipe. Else enjoy the beautiful city after crossing the mainland with ferry and soak in the blue waters of Laem Kho Kwang beach.

Take a stroll or head towards the market area for handmade items. Don't want to walk take a Tuk Tuk back to your hotel. Eat, Drink, Read a book or just lie under the sky everything is a bliss here.

Koh Lanta 4 island tour

Day 6

How can the trip end if you haven't seen the islands up close and beautiful? Take a private longtail boat and enjoy the beauty in unspoilt form. Snorkel and if you know swimming dive among the worlds best dive points. Get immersed in the colorful world of sea life. The island hopping covers the following places-

Ko Chueak- Amazing place to snorkel and witness God at its best creation

Ko Ngai - White sand all along with blue water to give the contrast and yes you are in Heaven

Ko waen Markot(Emerald) Cave - Want to feel like Pirates of Caribbean, head to this pace wherein you swim under a mountain pitch dark to open on the other side of a cave where the loots were kept in those wonderful pirates days.

Koh Lanta to Krabi

Day 7

If you had enough of privacy and relaxation lets head back to the mainland for a bit of fun and nightlife in Krabi, Ao Nang Beach. Yes this is a place where you will get all from she-man to cheap bars to exotic cabaret.

Photo of Krabi, Thailand by Abhinav Ranjan

Day 8: Phi Phi island tour/Hong Island Tour

Day 8

Beach Hopping is incomplete as you head towards Phi Phi island the place that inspired "Avatar" Floating mountains and Leonarda Caprio's "beach", Maya beach is the local name for it. A speedboat takes you to an unforgettable journey and yes food is also provided. If you want to go more secluded take the Hong Island Trip instead. It is a group tour and covers Bamboo Island, Monkey Island, Blue lagoon, and finally snorkeling at PHI PHI.

Try starting early to have these beaches less disturbed by hordes of tourist which unfortunately didn't happen in our case as one of the group woke up late

Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Abhinav Ranjan
Day 9

Railay /Phra naga beach

So well if you are tired moving with the group and want a piece of heaven on your terms to go to Pier and get yourself a boat to drop either at Railay beach or Phra Nang beach. Both of them are just a cliff away from each other but not connected via land and so making each of them less crowded yet close to the main town for all comforts.

Day 10: Krabi to Bangkok

Photo of Phra nang Cave Beach, Krabi, Thailand by Abhinav Ranjan
Day 10

If you take an early morning flight head straight to the Siam Ancient City which is a wonderful place to see and visit all of Thailand you might have missed albeit on a miniature level. You can take your car or drive a bicycle provided free of charge as part of the ticket cost to explore this place.

Else head for the downtown market to shop till you drop.

Day 11

Day 11: Bangkok to Bangalore

With heavy heart bid farewell to this place and head back to home to reminisce about what you witnessed.

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