Amazing Thailand

30th Oct 2015

This was our first international trip and after 2 to 3 months of discussion we decided on Thailand. We got mixed reviews about Thailand and most of it were negative and were not advised for family. But we decided to fly to Thailand with our 4-year old angel.

Pattaya: This was our first destination in Thailand. People who hear it will just talk about going to bars. But there is more to see and enjoy in Pattaya than just bars. We enjoyed the Alcazar show on our first day there and the next day explored the Koh larn island and fulfilled our wish of underwater walking. In short, Pattaya was the cheapest and best place to enjoy for us in Thailand.

Phuket: Our next stop was beautiful Phuket. As usual we were fooled by a travel agent in Bangkok airport and we ended up booking a wrong deal with him which didn't include any entertainment for the kids. Otherwise, snorkelling, cruise, James bond island and Phuket's beauty was simply marvelous.

Bangkok: We stayed here for 4 days, still this time span was not enough for us to cover Bangkok. We enjoyed Grand Palace, Safari World, Siam Ocean World, Floating Market. We did a bit of shopping at Chatuchak weekend market.

To the people out there who think about just bars when you talk about Thailand, I would like to say that there is more to see and enjoy here than bars. The people are so friendly n peace loving, roads are damn good, no pollution or dust even in Bangkok. The only problem we faced was for food as we were vegetarians. All in all we had a wonderful 10 days in Thailand and lots of memories to cherish for lifetime..