A Man’s Guide: Unique Proposal Ideas For Destinations All Over the World


Everyone has moments in their life that they look forward to but women typically have 3 (sometimes more) moments that they dream about from being a little girl on into adulthood. Those moments are: 1. Their wedding proposal, 2. Their wedding, and 3. The moment they become a mother. All three of those moments are very important but the proposal is the one thing that lets her know that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. In knowing that, you have to do everything in your power to make it memorable for her.

You want to make it memorable for her but you want to do it in a way that she won’t even see it coming, meaning, you’re going to have to be clever. This can be hard for some men because they feel like they have to turn the proposal into a movie or broadway production like most men are doing these days… Instead of doing that, don’t follow the trend; put your focus on the proposal itself. Your goal is to get a yes from her.

So, what’s the best way to do this? You have to take her on a trip. It doesn’t necessarily have to be out of the country or anything like that but you definitely need to take her away from home. There are beautiful tunnels that are ideal for proposals in the US and outside the US and the same goes for beaches… it just depends on what type of setting you want to be in.

In addition to taking her to a beautiful destination, you also need to wow her with a remarkable engagement ring… you want the magnitude of the proposal to match the magnitude of the ring so make sure you choose the best jeweler in the diamond industry. If you’re someone who wants to propose in a unique and memorable way and are open to traveling to different destinations to get that effect, take a look at some unique proposal ideas in destinations all over the world.

Beach Proposal: Greece

People tend to think that romantic island getaways are restricted to the tropics but little do they know that Europe is full of beautiful islands that could be the perfect backdrop to the perfect proposal and Santorini, Greece is THE destination.

Because Greece is so beautiful, there are crowds there but you do have options for privacy. There’s a town called Oia on the edge of the northwestern side island that’s known for being a very popular spot for proposals. You can actually climb a hill there and enjoy the panoramic views of the island while you profess your love to her in a breathtaking destination. A proposal in Santorini will definitely earn you a “yes.”

Hot Air Balloon Proposal: Turkey

Just imagine the look of amazement and excitement on her face when you and her are thousands of feet in the air taking in the beautiful views of Cappadocia… Cappadocia is thought of as Turkey’s fairytale kingdom because of it’s beautiful fairy chimneys formed from volcano eruptions. National Geographic goes into great detail on the formations and why it’s become such a beautiful destination to visit.

When opting for this type of proposal, you’ll want to book a tour with a company that offers private tours. This will allow you to have the beautiful backdrop of Cappadocia while you tell her all the reasons why you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. The moment you pull out the ring and present it to her thousands of feet in the air, she’s definitely going to say yes. It will be a moment she will never forget and also a moment that she will get to brag to her friends about.

Skywriting Proposal: The US

This type of proposal may sound a little cliche but it’s actually not. It’s dramatic and commands attention. The cool aspect about this type of proposal is that the attention will be centered on the sky. People all around you, including her will put their focus on trying to see what the message is going to say. Once she realizes that the message is for her, she’s going to melt in your arms.

Now, the only tricky part is timing. If you’re going to say an intimate and sentimental speech to her, you want to time it just right so that when the skywriting happens she’ll be able to look in the sky and then look at you and say yes. If this proposal idea sounds like something your future fiance would love, there are skywriting services in almost every state and can be done in the major cities of each state. Flysigns.com is a great site to check out for that.