Ashtavinayak Roadtrip

2nd Oct 2014
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 1/15 by Vishal Londhe
Breakfast @ Kshanbhar Vishranti, Karnala
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 2/15 by Vishal Londhe
Ballaleshwar Mandir
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 3/15 by Vishal Londhe
Varadvinayak, Mahad
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 4/15 by Vishal Londhe
a Beautiful Sunrise
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 5/15 by Vishal Londhe
Jejuri Temple
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 6/15 by Vishal Londhe
Prati Balaji Temple
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 7/15 by Vishal Londhe
Moreshwar, Morgaon
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 8/15 by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 9/15 by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 10/15 by Vishal Londhe
Siddhivinayak, Siddhtek
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 11/15 by Vishal Londhe
en'route to Pune
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 12/15 by Vishal Londhe
Complete Map of Ashtavinayak
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 13/15 by Vishal Londhe
Spicy Misal Pan
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 14/15 by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Ashtavinayak Roadtrip 15/15 by Vishal Londhe

For this day I was waiting since long to do a Ashtavinayak trip on Bike. 6 of us including me decided to execute it during our long Holiday from 2nd October 2014 to 4th October 2014. All the 8 Vinayak's are located in a proximity of Pune district, hence it was not that difficult to complete this trip in 3 days, only challenge was Road conditions and traffic which we managed to overcome without any hassles.

We started our journey from Panvel towards 1st Ganpati Ballaleshwar at Pali which is approximately 80 kms from Panvel and then headed towards Varadvinayak of Mahad which is 40 kms from Pali. Our 1st night was at Jejuri, we paid just 500 for an accommodation near Temple area at one of Pundit's house and the dinner was at Atithi hotel, Saswad junction. 3rd October was a big festival at Jejuri on occassion of Dussehra, hence visited temple early morning, the temple was decorated with flowers, it was just beautiful. Next destination, Ekmukhi Datta Mandir at Narayangaon and then Pratibalaji Mandir. We had Mahaprasadd being served at Temple as our breakfast at Pratibalaji. From Saswad to Pratibalaji the Road is just beautiful with greenery to welcome you on both the sides. After Pratibalaji, our next destination was Moreshwar at Morgaon and then Siddhivinayak at Siddhtek. Siddhtek is the only Vinayak which is a bit secluded from other vinayaks. We had our lunch at the hut nearby Siddhivinayak, the food was homely and prepared on barbeque, it was really yummy. We had to visit Chintamani at Theur, so we finished our lunch ASAP and headed towards Thur via Pune Solapur highway, which was more of helpful to cover the more distance in shorter time. We had reached Theur around 0700 PM and yet to visit one more Vinayak at Ranjangaon,so we finished all the rituals and headed towards Ranjangaon on Pune-Nagar Road. We decided to stay overnight at the facillity of Mahaganpati's Bhakta Niwas and the price we paid was hardly 350 per room, rooms were very decent,clean and tidy. We got up early next morning to attend Kakad Aarti of Mahaganpati and started our journey toward Dehu & Aalandi, en route we also visited entrancement of Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj at Tulapur. After visiting Dehu & Aalandi we headed towards Ozar via Chakan Road till Narayangaon to visit Vighneshwar and Girijatmak at Lenyadri which is just 15 kms from Ozar. We finished all the rituals at Girijatmak at around 7 and headed towards Mumbai via Malshej ghat Road.

This epic journey will always be memorable for beautiful temples, en route mountains, lush greenery, smooth roads and for horrible night riding, traffic of Pune city.

The distance we covered was approx 900 for which we spent approx 1800 for petrol another 1500 for stay and food. This trip turned out very reasonable as our budget was around 5000.

Photo of Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple, Pali, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple, Pali, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Varad Vinayak Ganpati Mandir, Mahad, Mahad, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe

One of very good hotel to eat veg food on the highway

Beautiful temple over the high mountains, must visit to witness an early morning Sunrise.

Photo of Jejuri, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe

A must visit place to see, clean and tidy temple with proper planning and management.

Photo of Prati Balaji, Pune by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Moreshwar Temple, Morgaon, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe

A must visit place to eat homely food at the road side hut.

Photo of Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhtek, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe

Mahaganpati temple has a very good stay facility at Bhakta Niwas

Photo of Mahaganpati Mandir, Ranjangaon, Maharashtra State Highway 27, Ranjangaon, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe

The most calm and beautiful place, visit this place to witness confluence of 4 rivers.

Photo of Tukaram Temple Dehu, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe
Photo of Lenyadri Girijatmak Temple, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Londhe
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How much constant travelling did you do during your Ashtavinayak road trip? Wasn't it tiring? I'm planning to go for the Ashtavinayak darshan with some relatives during the coming long weekend. I will also be travelling on two wheelers, therefore will request you to advise on any roads I should avoid. Its raining now, hence the request.
Mon 01 11 16, 06:14 · Reply · Report
Any suggestions on accommodation if you are travelling with parents? I'm planning to do the Ashtavinayak road trip in December. In your article it looks like you barely slept or rested, therefore I'm planning to extend it for a week so that we can easily stop at places and rest.
Mon 01 11 16, 03:56 · Reply · Report
I've heard that each of the temples of Ashtavinayak have individual stories around them. Did you notice them during your Ashtavinayak road trip? You can see the trunk of Ganeshji in each of these temples are different from one another. I always wanted to know what is the legend behind those. It is very intriguing.
Sun 01 10 16, 05:21 · Reply · Report
I have been to Trimbakeshwar too and the view is definitely something. There is so much greenery and I encountered two large rivers. It was so gorgeous, never expected something like this in plain view. Reading this article, I'm intrigued to go on an Ashtavinayak road trip, anyone interested to go with me?
Sun 01 10 16, 03:45 · Reply · Report
All accommodations mentioned by the author in his article are good and comfortable enough for parents as well. There are some decent hotels in all of these temple cities for pilgrims and you can get senior citizen discount also in some of these dharamshalas. I stayed at the hotels in most of the cities and while visiting Vighneshwar, I stayed at a small cottage based dharamshalas. It was very clean and the food was also provided.
Sat 01 09 16, 21:51 · Reply · Report
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