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Buddha Calling!
Duration: 3 Days
Expenditure 800

We had this trip from our college which was organised by me with the help of my friends. We set from Mangalore to Coorg in bus. It takes around 5 hours to reach Coorg from Mangalore. We went straight to our lodge,got refreshed and headed to golden temple,which is a masterpiece carved out in gold. We met some monks ,they shared their experiences in search of inner peace. From there we went to Doobare were we went for rafting and swimming. We saw elephants in the bamboo forests near to Dubare. By evening when we returned we went to Raja seat were water circus was shown i.e water sprinklers changed its pattern according to music beats. We spent the evening their and also went to lovers point. It started to cover up with fog by around 7 pm. We had food and organised, a campfire where we danced till late midnight and enjoyed like hell. Overall it was a memorable place to visit with friends.

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