Exploring the Yoga Capital of the world | Day 6

29th Dec 2019
Photo of Exploring the Yoga Capital of the world | Day 6 by Ketan C Achrekar
Day 6

After spending a nice evening, I slept early the previous night. We had planned a photo shoot early morning on the Ghats of the Ganga river so I had to wake up early.

Woke up at 7 am and as soon as I stepped out of my room I felt the cold breeze. The wind created a lovely sound as filtered through the leaves. I and Deepali set off to Sri Sathya Sai Ghat where we spent the previous evening.

But before that, we went to Lakshman Jhula and clicked some nice pictures. Then we moved on to the Ghat area. The place was looking more lively in the morning. The sun was setting up from behind the mountains. And it lit up the Ghat area beautifully. We completed our shoot and headed back to the hotel.

Reached back to the hotel and had a yummy breakfast for the 6 days in a row and that's aloo paratha. So the next thing we had to do on our list for that day was to visit the Beatles Ashram. So we all got ready hopped onto our bikes and headed towards Beatles Ashram.

There are two routes which you can take to reach the Beatles Ashram. The longest route will take at least 30 minutes to reach the Beatles Ashram which will take you through some Ghat section and some forest trails. And the next route is the one which you can take by crossing the Ram Jhula. Only two-wheelers are allowed to cross through Ram Jhula and if you have a car so you have to take the longest route.

Though we had the bikes and the route was short it still took us a good amount of time as the route was very narrow and we have to cross through some local shops and the traffic on the Ram Jhula.

Soon we reached the entrance of the Beatles Ashram previously known as Shri Maharishi Yogi Ashram. The tickets to the Ashram cost 150 rupees which I feel is good enough amount to charge to experience such a beautiful place. Also by charging to visit this place will help the government maintain the huge property.

Left from the Ashram around 3 pm at headed straight to have lunch. By the time we were done with our lunch, it was already 5 pm. We had planned to watch the evening aarti at one of the ghats near Laxman jhula, but we all were so lazy after the late heavy lunch that no one from the gang was keen to visit the aarti proceedings.

So nothing else to do we all sat down outside our room. Where there was a nice place to chill. And we chat for long hours, made new friends and got acquainted with few of them.

You can watch all the fun we had on my YouTube channel in the link below. Do comment and share your thoughts if you have been to Beatles Ashram.