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Extreme Northern Lights : Iceland
Duration: 6 Days
Expenditure $ 1200

After having worked in Wall Street for a year, I finally escaped to a place in Iceland where absolutely nothing interferes with the observation of Northern lights. Visiting Iceland for the Northern Lights is one thing, but being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference. I went into the Icelandic wilderness where city lights couldn't disturb my mission of experiencing the Aurora Borealis. I stayed in a remote and rustic cabin surrounded by snow fields. A truly memorable and unbelievable experience.

My Iceland adventure got off to a good start when I headed straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon - a unique spa featuring a huge outdoor lagoon filled with geothermal hot water and natural active ingredients that have become internationally known for providing the visitor with an unforgettable experience.
Photos of Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Southern Peninsula, Iceland 1/1 by Keith Russell
From there I headed straight to Hótel Rangá in the south, about a 2 hour drive.
Photos of Hotel Ranga, South, Iceland 1/3 by Keith Russell
Photos of Hotel Ranga, South, Iceland 2/3 by Keith Russell
Photos of Hotel Ranga, South, Iceland 3/3 by Keith Russell
Midgard is as isolated as it gets, only accessible by Super jeep during the winter time. The cabin where I stayed at was located in the central highlands of Iceland, far away from any light pollution. This was the absolute best place to view the Northern lights. I spent my 2nd and 3rd nights in Midgard, completely detached from civilization. The hut had been the haven of a local family for decades. Warmed up by a crackling fireplace, the accommodation was the typical Icelandic hut style – two bedrooms with twin beds and two lofts. I spent my days discovering the nearby areas by Super jeep and snowmobiles; there is plenty to see with two glaciers and the Tindfjöll mountain range nearby. At night, in between barbecue and story-telling, I awaited the Northern lights to show their majestic dance across the sky.
Photos of Miðgarður, Reykjanesbær, Southern Peninsula, Iceland 1/3 by Keith Russell
Photos of Miðgarður, Reykjanesbær, Southern Peninsula, Iceland 2/3 by Keith Russell
Photos of Miðgarður, Reykjanesbær, Southern Peninsula, Iceland 3/3 by Keith Russell
On the fourth day I took a detour to visit the astonishing Landmannalaugar, a natural treasure hidden in the centre of Iceland’s mountainous highlands. In winter, Landmannalaugar is an extraordinary adventure open to only a few. It is known for its colourful landscapes and amazing geothermal activity during summertime. However, in winter, the region regains its calm and serenity and this landscape of ravines and canyons becomes even more memorable with steam clouds rising from the snow-clad hills.
Photos of Landmannalaugar Hut 1/1 by Keith Russell
On my last day, I went to the capital city of Reykjavik in the late morning. I spent the whole afternoon exploring the city centre and popped into many little cafés, galleries and museums the centre had to offer.
Photos of Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland 1/1 by Keith Russell

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